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OMG 2 Movie Review: The most awaited movie of Akshay Kumar, OMG 2, has already launched today in cinema halls. The craziness among the audience has remained very high after the trailer of OMG 2 has released.

The sequel movie OMG 2 has already received a lot of love and appreciation from the audience. Not just only the audience. Even the big magazine and new portal are also sharing their reviews of the movie. Today on August 11, the Oh My God 2 movie has been launched in numerous multiplex, including cinema halls.

The concept of the movie is totally exceptional, and the director of the movie has to think just out of the box. Here in the movie, Akshay Kumar plays a very important role as a messenger. The first sequel of OMG was released in 2012.

After the outstanding performance of OMG, directed by Amit Rai was much more convinced to release the second part of OMG in the future. Sharing the OMG 2 Movie Review, then till now, it has received all of the positive responses from the audience. 

OMG 2 Movie Review

OMG 2 movie is full of social messages and humour in concept. All of the actors have played their roles very amazingly in the movie. The acting levels of both Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi are just recommendable and outstanding. Through the concept of the movie, the director and the actors have introduced the concept of sex education in school.

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OMG 2 Movie Review

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Throughout the whole concept of the movie OMG 2, the main motive was to introduce sex education in schools. The reason behind the argument or the social message is just to get rid of the addiction to porn videos by the young generation. OMG 2 movie is raising its impact on audiences already, and OMG 2 Movie Review is also receiving positive comments.

OMG 2 Movie Review Overview

OMG 2 Movie Review
OMG 2 Movie Review

Now quickly have a detailed look at the OMG 2 movie along with other important things that each one of the audience should know. We will also share the OMG 2 Movie Review too. The audience will also be able to know the OMG 2 movie release date and OMG 2 movie trailer.

Movie NameOMG 2 (Oh My God)
Movie Part2
Release Date11 August 2023
DirectorAmit Rai
Star CastAkshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, and Arun Govil
ProducerVipul D. Shah, Ashwin Varde, Rajesh Behl, Aruna Bhatia
Advance BookingOnline

All Actors’ Names In OMG 2 Movie

Take a quick look at all of the actors’ names who have participated in this amazing film OMG 2.

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Yami Gautam
  • Pankaj Tripathi
  • Arun Govil
  • Vedika Nawani 
  • Parth Siddhpura
  • Amit Naik
  • Fahim Fazli and more

Storyline Of OMG 2

The story begins with the character Pankaj Tripathi who is a very spiritual person. He is a devotee to Lord. Kanti Sharan Mudgal is a Pooja shopkeeper and the father of two kids. But suddenly, his life changed when due to his Son Vivek. Kanti has informed Vivek has been admitted to the hospital for excessive exhaustion from masturbation.

Due to the act, Vivek has been expelled from his school. To avoid the humiliation of society, Kanti has decided to run away with his children. After that, Kanti takes the whole School authority to the court, and the whole story revolves around the courtroom. And ultimately, the concept of teaching sex education has come out. 

But at that moment, Akshay Kumar came to save the situation and to guide Vivek to the right path. Later Kanti realized that Vivek had been trapped in misguidance and misinformation.

Still, in India, talking openly about sex education is a very sensitive issue. But director Amit Rai has shown a very bold move to take such a sensitive issue and display it very smoothly on the silver screen.   

OMG 2 movie is a particular movie concept where all of the family members can watch together and can enjoy together. It is full of power act social messages and arguments, along with a family-friendly movie.

The director Amit Rai has presented a beautiful picturization along with all of the top leading actors in Bollywood. The movie has made a very thin line between parents and children where both individuals can discuss this topic. 

OMG 2 Movie Review: Ratings

Talking about the OMG 2 Movie Review then, it has received multiple reviews and ratings from multiple magazines and news portals. However, the audience has already shown their positive responses towards the movie OMG 2. Here are some of the top leading newspapers’ movie reviews or ratings according to the concept of the OMG 2 movie.

  • OMG 2 movie has received 4 out of 5 ratings from The Times of India.
  • OMG 2 movie has received 3.5 out of 5 ratings from Koimoi. 
  • OMG 2 movie has received 2 out of 5 ratings from NDTV. 

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OMG 2 Movie Review


Here all of the audience can have a quick look at the OMG 2 Movie Review. We have provided almost all of the reviews of the OMG 2 movie in this article. The audience can have a quick go through all of the information that we have written in the article. Audiences can also able to find out the details like OMG 2 movie release date and OMG 2 movie trailer as well. To get more updated notifications regarding movie reviews, go with the bookmark option on our website immediately.


Is OMG 2 a family movie?

Yes, Akshay Kumar’s movie OMG 2 is a family-friendly movie to enjoy.

How many movies did Akshay Kumar do?

Till now, Akshay Kumar has done more than 145 movies as a leading character.

Who wrote the Oh My God movie?

Umesh Shukla has written the concept of the Oh My God movie.

Will there be Oh My God 2?

Yes, it is part 2 of the OMG movie, and it is released today, August 11, 2023. 

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