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Adipurush Movie Review: Adipurush, released on 16 June 2023, and directed by Om Raut, is an adaptation of Ramayana, the Indian mythological story that demonstrates the triumph of good over bad. It stares the Telugu superstar Prabhas, who plays Lord Ram, and the Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon, who plays Sita. Saif Ali Khan plays the demon king Ravana. This mythological drama has already hit the theatres. 

Many movie enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the Adipurush movie review so they can get a better idea about watching it and book tickets accordingly. Made on a huge budget of Rs. 500 crores, the film till now has received a good response. Its advanced bookings began on Sunday, after which it did a business of Rs. 12 crores. Find out more about the movie’s plot, the cast of adipurush, and other details below.

Adipurush Movie Review

Adipurush Movie Review: This movie focuses on the Ramayana’s Aranyakandam. This section revolves around Sita being abducted by Ravana and Lord Rama finding and bringing her back. It demonstrates the Yuddha Kanda in this epic.

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The movie uses different names for Rama, Sita, and Ravana. However, the existing story is the same. It begins when Lord Rama is forced to leave his kingdom for 14 years by his father, Dasaratha or Dashratha.

Rama is accompanied to the forest by Sita and his brother Lakshaman. The rest of the film is about Sita’s abduction and the meeting of Ram with Hanuman. It showcases how Lord Rama defeated Ravana and took Sita back to Ayodhya. 

Adipurush Movie Review

Adipurush Movie Review: Adipurush Cast

Adipurush Movie Review: The cast of the movie has some big names from the entertainment industry. Apart from Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan, it also features Sunny Singh as Lakshmana and Devdatta Nage as Bajrang. Amitabh Bachchan in adipurush (Amitabh Bachchan role in adipurush), Sonal Chauhan, and Vatsal Sheth Indrajeeth. 

The performance of the lead actor Prabhas has been applauded by all. He bought his role to life and slipped into it effortlessly. The emotions displayed by him in different situations are what give the film its unique quality. ‘Spectacular’ is the word that the experts have proposed for Prabhas’s performance in the Adipurush movie. “Adipurush Movie Review”

With regards to Kriti Sanon or Janaki, her performance is not as great as Prabhas’s. Most people find her with a single expression on her face throughout the course of the movie. However, her divine looks added depth to the screenplay. Considering her previous glamourous roles in the industry, we can say that she did a satisfactory job of taking up the role of a modest and pious woman.

Hanuman in Adipurush movie, played by Devadatta Nage, is another attention-grabber. In the Adipurush IMDB trailer, many people noticed his appearance and performance. The actor has previously been a part of popular Marathi films and serials. Many people on social media have liked his role, while some are trolling his character for clothes. But overall, his performance is good, although he made it felt only in a few scenes. “Adipurush Movie Review”

Saif Ali Khan, the Lankesh or Ravana, has a ferocious appearance on the screen. He is a seasoned actor. So, you will find his body language and expressions giving justice to his character. His mere presence and the dark monotone that follows forges a sense of terror, which is linked to any evil mythological character.

Overall, the movie has exceptional visual effects and can grip anyone with excitement. The movie has received a good 4.5-star rating from the audience. Apart from Hindi, it is available in Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. 

Where Does the Movie Not Score Well?

Watching this movie, one cannot fail to notice the difference between the first and the second halves. Adipurush started on an engaging note. However, over time, the thrill seems to be declining. The only thing that changes the dull note is the battle between Ram and Ravana. 

It takes much of the 3 hours. Although the film tries to cover different aspects of the battle, it still seems to be very long drawn. Despite the fact that the movie makers revised the VFX, the final outcome was not up to the mark. It is especially true when you consider the fact that it has a whopping Rs.500 budget. 

Recent Adipurish movie review updates by people are mixed. Some call it ‘a colossal disappointment’ from the director. On Twitter, we can see how people seem to have liked only the background music and not any other aspect. The film is being called ‘tediously slow’, especially during the second half. 

Another shortcoming of Adipurush is that a majority of dialogues are in Hindi. This comes across as a disappointment when the movie makers clearly said that the movie is Telegu-Hindi bilingual. It is also one of the reasons why Adipurush is unable to make the desired impact. An Adipurush movie review in Hindi updates also points to the same thing. It is also one of the reasons why Adipurush is unable to make the desired impact. “Adipurush Movie Review”

Other things that lower the appeal of this mythological drama are Ravana’s look and how the Lanka world has been set up. It seems that the makers got too carried away, which led them to exaggerate some scenes unnecessarily. 

Adipurush Movie Review: Final Rating and Verdict

We will give Adipurush a 3/5 rating. Considering the significance of Ramayana’s place in Indian mythology and literature, the directors should have put more of their heart and soul into creating it.

Despite the great performance by the actors playing Ram and Hanuman, the movie still is able to show much gloss and not much substance. Areas like VFX and graphics show several scopes for improvement. “Adipurush Movie Review”

The VFX mars the visuals. The fight scenes, if observed closely, never seem to finish completely. They are covered with dust or explosion, and you will find the whole screen covered by glittery pieces that are the aftermath of battle.

This can be attributed to Om Raut’s attempt to cut scenes. However, the VFX still is not as great as it could have been. This would have made it resonate more with our emotions and feelings.

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