Kerala Crime Files Review: Cast | Story | Performance and Cinematography

Kerala Crime Files Review: The Kerala Crime Files, directed by Ahammed Khabeer and starring Aju Varghese, Navas Vallikkunnu, and Lal, is a crime thriller that has quite impressed netizens. Starring Lal and Varghese as protagonists, the web series was out on Disney+ Hotstar and has made the audience quite curious with the ample mystery in it. 

The Kerala Crime Files review so far has been great, as people are finding the first two episodes quite interesting and filled with suspense. Rich visuals and background music, high-quality production, and storytelling are some of the defining features that have sparked people’s interest in watching the series further. Keep reading our Kerala Crime Files Review to find out more about its story, cast, and plot

Kerala Crime Files Plot

According to IMDB, the series is about a horrifying murder of a sex worker that occurred in the Grand Tourist Home, a lodging. It begins with a team of six police officers who are determined to solve this murder case. The team is headed by sub-inspector Manoj.

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As a lead in the case, they only have an address, namely Shiju Parayil, Veedu, Neendakara, that they found in the register of the lodging. Turns out this is a fake address. Now the entire web series revolves around whether the police can catch the culprit with this false address. 

Kerala Crime Files Cast

This Malayalam language series stars Aju Varghese in the role of sub-inspector Manoj. Lal plays the role of CI Kurian, while Navas Vallikkunnu plays the role of constable Sunil. The characters are not portrayed as strictly formal. They also reveal their softer sides in their household. This gives a light-hearted appeal to the intense drama. 

They play the role of dedicated cops in the series and, according to most netizens, have done much justice to their characters.

Kerala Crime Files Review

Kerala Crime Files Review
Kerala Crime Files Review

Kerala Crime Files Review: This is a mainstream Malayalam series and is the first one of its kind. The genre of crime may have been chosen because it is not considered a risky choice for entering into the OTT space. But that is not all that makes this web series highly intriguing. 

It’s the well-written storyline that makes it distinct from many other series. In the story, the major victim is a sex worker. Usually, such people in Indian society face opposition from people. No one is sympathetic to their needs and their challenges. 

But this is what makes the intense investigation of the cops the central part of the movie. Even if the cops are not sympathetic to the occupation of the victim, they carry out the process that they do for anyone else. 

The web series features long-form storytelling. This kind of format is popular in India and can account for its widespread appeal. The storytelling is quite layered. Although the case is simple, it is the layered storytelling that makes every episode unique. 

The cops are not only involved with finding out the murderer, but they are also going through different circumstances in their homes. For example, we find the wife of the cop Navas Vallikkunnu pregnant.

This affects his personal life mainly because as the investigation proceeds, it gets more complex. Likewise, another cop does not get to spend adequate time with his daughter. So, the web series shows family and personal and professional dynamics quite well.

Strengths of the Kerala Crime Files Web Series 

There are various strengths of this gripping novel mystery. The plot is such that the audience cannot help but make guesses at every turn. The sudden events challenge the resourcefulness of the police officers. In spite of the sometimes confusing story, it is still intelligently crafted. It enables the viewers to join the puzzle and make sense of the progression of the story. 

The web series strikes a balance between the character’s personal lives and professional investigations. It maintains an emotional connection with the viewers. The atmosphere settings showcase attention to detail and enhance the overall experience. 

This web series portrays the procedural aspects of the crime branch authentically. The internal dynamics within the team of officers and the difficulties they face in solving the case are depicted realistically. It makes the entire plot more credible and engaging. 

Performance and Cinematography

The director of the movie, Ahammed Khabeer, has made the series specifically for the OTT platform. He is renowned for his feel-good movies, such as June, released in 2019, and Madhuram, released in 2021. This kind of web series that revolves around a murder investigation was something new for him. However, he has made it in a way that audience can connect.

According to the Front Row of the preview show that was arranged specifically for celebrities and select audiences, the series holds an intriguing appeal as it reaches mid-way. The performances of Lal and Varghese are quite praiseworthy. This, combined with good visuals and captivating background music, elevates the series further.

There are unique acting moments in the series that capture the audience. The police investigation is gripping, and the cops show much conviction in their roles. The cinematography of the series is by Jithin Stanislaus, while the artwork is by Satheesh Melleya.

They enrich the ultimate look and feel of this web series. It is perfectly edited by Mahesh Bhuvanamandh, except for the two episodes. These two episodes progress in their own time. 

According to the director, the storytelling format leads to the exploration of various layers of the plot. Further excitement is created because although the story is about a murder, there is no excessive drama via gunfights and other similar things. We do not find the quality of the visual content compromised in any manner. 

If the series goes on like this, it will certainly be a hit on Hotstar. Hope you liked reading our Kerala Crime Files Review. Stay connected for more updates like these!

Kerala Crime Files Review

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