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Baby Movie Review: The new Baby movie is finally released in the theaters on July 14, 2023. If you are looking to watch the movie, then you have to check out this Baby movie review we curated for you.

We have included all the factors of the movie from the Music section to all the way to the actor’s roles in the movie and their performance. You can get pretty much get a view of whether to watch the movie or not after seeing this review. So without any late let us get right into it. 

Baby Movie: Overview 

Movie Name Baby 
Movie Release Date July 14, 2023 
Movie Genre Modern Love story 
Lead Actors Vaishnavi Chaithanya, Anand Devarakonda, Viraj Ashwin 
Director Sai Rajesh
Music Director Vijay Bulganin
Language Telugu 

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About Baby Movie 

Baby Movie Review: The movie is about Anand and Vaishnavi who studies in the same school and the two comes from poor backgrounds. Vaishnavi Loves Anand and Anand also eventually loves Vaishnavi and they both of them will be in love in their school days.

Later on, Vaishnavi Joins engineering College and unfortunately, Anand becomes an Auto driver. And in those, a new character arrives and disrupts their love. What happened to Vaishnavi at last? Who did Vaishane choose? What happened to Anand? These are the major question in the movie. 

Baby Movie review 

Baby Movie Review: So if we get into the review of the baby movie. It is a modern-day romantic drama that has some serious and complex relationships and some well structure characters. The director Sai Rajesh has tried to bring a different kind of love story, which is unique, and tries to diverse the main three lead characters’ personalities in the baby movie. Like the other movies, we can see a bit of  chemistry between Viraj and Anand during their first meeting making the viewers hook to the movie to the last

Baby Movie Review 2023

The first half of the movie majorly involves the setting of the characters and introducing them to the audience in a different way. Later the second half of the movie they will be a blend of different emotions like drama and some serious sequences. Some scenes are put in the movie especially to attract the young audience and hook them to the scenes. Some of the scenes in the Baby movie are very relatable to the young people and make them relate to their day-to-day life very easily. Baby Movie Review

Actor’s performance

Baby Movie Review: If we get into the actor’s performance Anand Devarakonda has delivered a very good performance he shows great energy in the role of Anand. The role of Anand is one of the most complex and challenging characters in the movie especially for an upcoming artist like Anand but Anand has pulled it off very well.

Coming to the female actress Vaishnavi Chaitanya. She also performed well in the movie and did very well in some particular scenes. One of her best scenes is a Phone call conversation with Anand Devarakonda. Some of the scenes are kept especially to highlight her character and they were really amazing and she did amazing in the Baby movie.

At last, in the 3rd pillar of the movie Viraj Ashwin, he showed some serious energy in the movie and he played very well matching the energy and Vibe of both the other main characters. This is one of the best movies in that Viraj Ashwin had shown some amazing talent.

Music Review 

Baby Movie Review: Coming to the music section the music of the baby movie was composed by none other than Vijay Bulganin and each song is quite good and the background music in certain scenes is very well put. The overall music in the movie is super good. We can easily say that the music of the Baby movie is one that puts it on another level. 


Baby Movie Review: The drawbacks of the movie are the movie length, it is very close to 3 Hours. And the length of the movie is quite a bit long compared to the story and it could have been trimmed for a large part. If the movie is trimmed and deleted some scenes then, the viewing experience should be much better, and mostly in the first half of the movie should be trimmed and should make the overall length of the movie small. 


Baby Movie Review: The movie may not be very relatable to many people because it is taken under the category of young people and they are some slow scenes that make the audience a little bored in the first Hour of the movie. But going on the movie will be pretty good. To be easily put the post Half seems a little stretched and could be trimmed to a little short.

So, in conclusion, Baby movie is pretty good and it shows the mood of modern relationships in a thoughtful manner with amazing performances from Anand Devarakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin. The main plus point of the movie is the songs, the movie songs are pretty good thanks to Vijay Bulganin. 

Overall The movie is easily suggestible to others even though the first half of the movie is a little stretched and boring. The second half covers it and the songs and some particular scenes in some songs are very well done. This makes the Baby movie a pretty good movie to watch.

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