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Telegram Option Trading: In the past few years, telegram channels have seen rapid growth all over the world including India. People from different industries are offering educational content mostly for free for various niches. Out of all, Finance industry related videos are the most in numbers.

Finance experts are providing a lot of valuable information on trading methods, investment strategies, and more through their finance-related channels. A lot of people, be it new or experienced, are sharing thoughts, making connections, and learning from these groups. 

But we should be careful that all the finance-related channels that give advice are not trustworthy. A lot of scammers ask for money for giving finance-related advice. They don’t have any proper knowledge in the field and provide fake courses to their subscribers. You need to be well aware of these fraudulent channels and stay away from them. 

But there are indeed some authentic channels who have gained experience in trading and investments after studying and researching these subjects for years. Some of the channels are even SEBI Registered. These channels are legit sources to learn about the Indian as well as the International stock market.


To ensure that you receive genuine education on the stock market and investment, we have done thorough proper research to compile a list of 8 best telegram channels for options trading. These channels focus mainly on the Indian stock market and c a range of trading types to help you to pick the right stocks to invest in. 

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So if you are interested in trading and investments, go through this article to learn about the 8 Best Telegram Channels For Options Trading.

1. Stock Market Ninjas 

2. StockPro online(SEBI Registered)

3. Stock gainer ( SEBI Registered)

4. Honest Stock Marketer 


6. Growth Stock

7. Trade Phoenix. 

8. BankNifty Masters.


Telegram Option Trading: One of the most popular Telegram Channels for Option Trading is Stock Ninjas. The channel has over 56000 subscribers. Stock market Ninjas provide 1-2 option calls regularly. They also have an expert team who provide important guidance on BankNifty. According to the founder of this channel their main goal is to educate beginners as well as the traders who have some experience. They want to help people to gain profits through option trading. 


  • Regular updates on the option calls. 
  • You need a small amount of capital to begin with. 
  • Free guidance and expert trading advice to the subscribers.
  • If you want even more facilities, you can take their premium personalized support and services.
  • They always give transparent P&L reports on a daily basis.

2. StockPro®Official (SEBI Registered)

Telegram Option Trading: Another one such trusted channel is StockPro®Official (StockPro Online) for traders. Dr. Seema Jain, a SEBI Registered research analyst manages this group. The founders of this channel have specialization in bank nifty training. The channel always provides well-researched analysis and potent advice. These two key factors make this group one of the best telegram channels for options trading. The channel has a whopping number of 3.5 lakh subscribers.

Analyzing the potency of this group to provide knowledge to their subscribers, the numbers don’t seem very surprising. The channel shares content on different things like trading calls, investment strategies, market trends, analysis charts, and so on. Besides all that being one of the few SEBI Registered channels, it is surely a must join group for traders. “Telegram Option Trading”


  • The calls they provide have a jaw-dropping 98% accuracy rate which is undoubtedly one of the highest among all Finance related channels on Telegram. 
  • The founders of this channel have specialization in bank nifty and options trade. 
  • You can join their special early morning session for a discussion on various topics. “Telegram Option Trading”
  • The channel provides top-notch equity call services and recent positional stock updates. 

Telegram Option Trading

3. Stock Gainers (SEBI REGISTERED)

Telegram Option Trading: Another SEBI REGISTERED telegram channel on the stock market is Stock Gainers. They offer helpful calls with a proper strategy for trading and complete easy-to-follow guidance on Stop Loss (SL) and Targets. Being a SEBI Registered company they can be easily trusted with their services. Their impressive high accuracy rate and calls can lead to maximum potential results. If you have a few hours per day for trading you should definitely give Stock Gainers a shot. Most likely it will help you to boost your trading journey.


  • StockPro Online provides 7 to 10 calls in Stocks, BankNifty, Equity, and Commodity for free of cost. 
  • StockPro Online was founded by a SEBI Registered research analyst, Dr. Seema Jain.
  • You can be a part of 70000+ genuine traders. 
  • They provide free positional calls 

4. Honest Stock Marketer

Telegram Option Trading: Honest Stock Marketer is a trading channel for Intraday enthusiasts. They offer various trading recommendations including Bank Nifty and Stock Options. They also provide helpful tips and updates on a regular basis on calls to help you secure your profit on time.


  • They provide 1-2 Intraday option trading calls without any initial cost. 
  • You need an affordable investment of 20k to 30k. “Telegram Option Trading”
  • They provide exclusive hero zero Bank Nifty calls that offer great returns. 
  • If you want more benefits, you can take their premium services.

5. 20PAISA.COM (Banknifty Option)

Telegram Option Trading: Another legit channel to give stock market advice is 20PAISA.COM (BankNifty Option). For over ten years they have been helping people with their accurate advice on the stock market and investments. This channel provides highly accurate calls as well as updates. They have experts who give valuable advice on bank nifty options, trading, and stock, equity, future, and options trading. 


  • They have an impressive 95% high accuracy calls. 
  • You get advice from their experienced experts who provide tips on equity, future, and options trading, the stock market, and so on. 
  • They have been in the market for over a decade. So their experience and quality are undoubtedly trustworthy.

6. Growth Stock

Telegram Option Trading: The people who are interested in Bank Nifty profitable trades should join the Growth Stock channel. Their option calls are highly accurate. You can potentially earn good profits if you follow their calls. 


  • They have an impressive 90% accuracy rate. 
  • Their channel is always there to help you out whenever you need their support. 
  • Growth Stock provides only one call at a time. “Telegram Option Trading”
  • Their risk-to-reward ratio is great. 

7. Trade Phoenix

Telegram Option Trading: One of the fastest-growing channels to give financial advice on the Stock Market is Trade Phoenix. If you are interested in option trading then they are indeed the right group for you to join. 


  • Trade Phoenix keeps giving updates regularly. 
  • You will receive at least 3-4 Bank Nifty calls regularly provided by them. 
  • Their clients are in profit most of the time consistently. “Telegram Option Trading”
  • They give a detailed analysis in depth research about the market. 
  • Trade Phoenix is the most profitable Bank Nifty calls group in recent times. 

8. BankNifty Masters

Telegram Option Trading: BankNifty Masters is one of the most popular authentic stock market channels on Telegram. Their goal is to educate both the beginners as well as the experienced traders. They help their subscribers to earn profits through option trading. BankNifty Masters pay 1-3 BankNifty calls regularly. They have an expert team who provide detailed analysis in Stock Options. In their channel, you can see their updates from time to time on the calls that they provide. “Telegram Option Trading”

If you want to get even more benefits, they have paid services for that too. 


  • Get 1-2 BankNifty calls regularly for absolutely free of cost. 
  • Their accuracy rate is up to 85%
  • You will receive transparent reports on P&L regularly. 
  • To get even more benefits you can take their premium services for personalized support. 


Large Community: By joining some legit telegram channels on trading you can be a part of thousands of like-minded people. You can learn from their experience, in-depth analysis, and research. 

Personalized Mentorship: Most of these channels provide a lot of value for absolutely free of cost. But if you want to get even more benefits you can take their premium services. They will provide personalized guidance to help you generate more profits. 

Risk management capacity: One of the most important things about trading is to protect your capital and reduce potential losses. You can get an idea from these groups on risk management capacity. 

Get market insights: You can get market insights and in-depth detailed researched analysis from experts who have years of experience and continuously studying the market. 

Telegram Option Trading: So here we have discussed about 8 best telegram channels for option trading, and their characteristics in detail. You can join more than one channel if it benefits you. He is aware of frauds and scammers and researches thoroughly before putting your money on anything. You need to invest money to generate profits, not to lose it. 

Also, all of the channels mentioned should be used to understand about market Only. The above-mentioned channels give their own opinion after studying the market thoroughly but you need to research and take help from financial advisors before investing money in the stock market. 

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1. What are the best telegram channels for the Indian stock market?

Honest Stock Marketer, BankNifty Masters, StockPro Online, Shree Tech analysis, profits everyday,

2. The best option tips provider in India? 

The best option tips provider is the trade bond. Because of great trading tips and a high level of accuracy rate. 

3. Which Telegram channel is best for BankNifty Calls?

Jackpot Tradex, Bull’s thrive, Stock Master, Trading Wallah, Market Master are some of the popular Telegram Channels for BankNifty Calls.

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