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Top 7 Best Matka Guessing Telegram: When it comes to Matka guessing, many people find it entertaining and some people also earn money through the same. Satta or Matka in India is also known as gambling. These things are quite popular on social media channels. Also, you will find a lot of Matka Guessing Telegram channels.

If you are looking forward to being a part of this thing then you will need the best Telegram links that have proven their worth. We have done thorough research on this subject and we have come up with Top 7 Best Matka Guessing Telegram links. Check the details given below and get the latest updates from them about Matka guessing.

Top 7 Best Matka Guessing Telegram

Best Matka Guessing Telegram: There are many Matka Guessing Telegram channels available, but you might be thinking about which one to rely on. We have done ample research and have come up with the list which we will share with you below. But before that, you must know about the history of Matka. Here, in this table, you will know about the same. 

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Satta Matka Origination Year1960
Other Name of Satta MatkaAnkada Jugar
Betting was Based onPrices of Cotton
King of MatkaRatan Khatri

Now, you must know which guessing Telegram channels for Matka are the best.

Khan bhai Satta King Telegram Link

Best Matka Guessing Telegram: Before you explore the Matka game, you must join the Khanbhai Satta King Telegram link. It will offer you a range of updates and hence, things will be pretty easy for you when you want to guess the lottery numbers. You can join your family and friends and enjoy a lot of earnings. But, with a good Telegram channel, you will know exactly how to make your task easy. You will get advice and relevant updates.

Veerbhai Satta King Telegram Link

Best Matka Guessing Telegram: If you are interested in Matka Guessing then it would be ideal to join a Matka Guessing Telegram Link like Veerbhai. This channel will offer you all the updates about the latest lottery guesses. Matka guesses can be a good way to know how you will perform if you took a lottery. If you use the latest updates, it will help you to get ahead and make your life better in every way. Who doesn’t want to earn extra money? If you join this Telegram link, you will have access to the information and updates that will help you correctly play your Satta Matka.

Kalyan Top Guessing Telegram Link

Best Matka Guessing Telegram: Satta Kalyan Matka is also a good guessing platform. People who play Kalyan Matka need an idea about what can be the basic guessing options. Guesses can sometimes be right and might take you to a new level. You can earn your best and also become a master at playing Matka. A good Matka Guessing Telegram Link helps in establishing some basic knowledge about how to play Basic Matka and how to do guesses.

Guruji Satta King Telegram Link

Those who have started liking to play Matka should have some basic idea about how to guess the numbers. Ultimately, it’s all related to gambling, but still, sometimes there will be some basic things that you can apply to the same. With the Guruji Satta King Telegram Link, you will get an idea about how to take up the guesses. 

Top 7 Best Matka Guessing Telegram

Delhi Satta King Telegram Link

Engaging in Matka is too much fun and hence, people play Matka for some enjoyment. If you are located in Delhi and want to guess the Matka numbers then you can join Delhi Satta King Telegram Link. It can offer you a wide range of knowledge about how to do the guesses. When you have access to the latest updates about Matka, it will be fun. You can join the link with your friends and family too.

UP Satta King Telegram Link

If you are interested in Satta or Matka then you can join UP Satta Matka Telegram Link as it will offer you the latest updates. You will see how the guessing is done and it will also help you attain a mastery in your guessing. Get ready to become the best player and for that, you can join this Telegram Link.

Disawer Fixer Telegram Group

Those who are interested in playing the Matka game will get a chance to guess the numbers too. But often, people do not understand how to do that. Disawer Fixer Telegram Group is a popular telegram channel that will help you in making your dream come true. Along with enjoyment, you will also get a chance to go for unlimited earnings.

After discussing the Top 7 Best Matka Guessing Telegram links, we will let you know about the number of subscribers they have on YouTube.

Telegram Matka ChannelNumber of Subscribers on YouTube
Khan Bhai Satta King12600
Veerbhai Satta King25190
Kalyan Satta169000
Guruji Satta King6000
Delhi Satta5200
UP Satta1000
Disawer Fixer9600

They also have huge participants on Telegram. So, if you want to enjoy the game and also earn through the guessing Matka game, you can join the Telegram Channels with the Links.


1. What does Satta Matka Means?

Satta Matka is also said to be Ankada Jugar. It is a very popular number-guessing game like the lottery. It will let you have fun and also earn money.

2. How to calculate Matka Satta’s number?

Once you join the telegram links, you will come to know how the guesses are done. But still, to elaborate on this, here’s an explanation. If you choose 7 as the number and when combined with Patti, if the number is 115, it again makes 7. The last digit will be your winning number.

3. What is a single pana matka?

In single pana matka, the three digits are different from each other. You can start playing with low frequency. But as you know how to play it, you can start playing more. 

4. What are the types of Matka games?

Kalyan Matka and Worli Matka are the two most popular Matkas. But later, there will be many who will join these two. There’s one more popular Matka being added recently and that is New Worli Matka. Kalyan Matka is played every day Monday to Sunday. Worli Matka is Played five days a week.

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