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Cricket prediction Telegram Channels: Cricket is often called one of the most unpredictable games as it can often have unexpected outcomes. Even just a single ball can change the whole game leaving some of the fans devastated and the other ones delighted. And when money is involved, the disappointment is even more, like in betting. 

There’s a lot of people who love predicting match results. In-depth research and analysis, and a clear understanding of the game are extremely important for that. Cricket is immensely popular in India, it will be no exaggeration if we call it another religion in our country. Millions of cricket lovers love predicting the future of the match beforehand and actively participate in betting. Be it a Test match, ODI, or T20 match, the best cricket prediction Telegram Channel provides valuable insights into the game. 

Today we are going to discuss the 10 Best Cricket Prediction Telegram Channels who have earned a fantastic reputation with their years of expertise and experience in this field. If you follow these reputed Cricket Prediction Telegram Betting tipsters, you can enhance your chances of winning the betting. A thorough analysis and valuable tips can make a significant difference in your betting success.


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Cricket prediction Telegram Channels: The Channel has a whopping number of 45,000+ subscribers. Cricket enthusiasts who want some betting tips, often follow this channel making it one of the most premium choices. Besides Telegram they also have a large number of Subscribers on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They share cricket prediction tips for World Cup tournaments, Big Bash, IPL, and other grand leagues. 

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Cricket prediction Telegram Channels: Cricinformer Channel has 489K subscribers. It is one of the few channels that got popular pretty quickly. Predictors can join this channel to get winning tips for Fantasy cricket leagues and other cricket-related information like forecasts, players’ forms, the condition of the pitch, etc. 

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Cricket Prediction Telegram Channels: CricGeam is one the most famous Telegram channels for predicting Fantasy Cricket League teams. The channel has over 49K subscribers on Telegram. Their main goal is to help the people who invest in fantasy Cricket leagues earn money. They provide in-depth analysis, day-to-day cricket news, and predictions. They also post on Twitter regularly about various Grand Leagues around the World like IPL, Big Bash cricket, The Hundred, and so on. 

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Cricket Prediction Telegram Channels: This channel has over 35K subscribers. This Channel has been providing betting tips for over a decade. They have expertise in providing tips in limited overs. They publish the live score on their website. 

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Cricket Prediction Telegram Channels: The channel has over 14K subscribers. They provide betting tips through their Telegram channel. According to the founders of this channel, they are one of the few verified odds sellers on Telegram. They have licensed and regulated bookies. The subscribers of the Channel sometimes get to receive exclusive bonuses. They offer their advice and fixed odds via the Telegram Channel.

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Cricket prediction Telegram Channels: The Channel has around 12K subscribers. This is considered to be one of the best cricket prediction channels available on Telegram. They offer betting tips on various forms of cricket and Fantasy Cricket Prediction to their subscribers. Their Predictions are well-researched and mostly based on facts. They also upload regular cricket blog posts. 

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Cricket prediction Telegram Channels


Cricket prediction Telegram Channels: The Channel has 150K subscribers. They have a large number of people visiting their website from time to time making it one of the most visited betting channels on Telegram. They provide betting tips so that their subscribers earn profits. 

The Channel has seen rapid growth since in a short span of time. Besides providing betting tips the channel also posts about promotions to inform its subscribers.

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Cricket prediction Telegram Channels: The channel has around 15K subscribers. They provide cricket betting tips for various Grand Cricket Leagues like IPL, Big Bash and more. Their tips are free of cost. They also provide Fantasy Sports teams. 

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Cricket prediction Telegram Channels: The Channel has 12.5K subscribers and one of the premier online bookies. They only offer Cricket betting tips. They also update their subscribers from time to time about betting promotions. To get into Betway India’s Telegram Channel, you should register at Bookmaker and make an initial minimum deposit before joining its betting channel. 

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Cricket prediction Telegram Channels: The Channel is comparatively new and has 21.5K Subscribers. They offer betting tips for cricket as well as for other games. The Channel provides tips absolutely free of cost. So you can see their previous results before making any decision.

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Observe Patterns:

If you analyze past cricket matches carefully you will see Batters have a tendency to stumble after strategic timeouts, and wickets fall around session breaks. 

Head-to-head analysis:

Study how the players perform against each other based on their past reports. Pick up the key players from both sides.

Chasing advantage:

Nowadays we see the tendency for chasing teams to end up winning the matches. This means the chasing team has a higher success rate. Bowlers often suffer due to Dew factors, Pitch becomes easier to bat, and boundary hitting becomes more comfortable. 

Consider External Factors:

Over 50% of cricket’s results depend on external factors like pitch, forecast, sizes of the boundary, and so on. You must consider these factors.

Importance of Toss:

In every form of cricket, especially Test matches and ODIs, the toss has a vital role. Most of the time Chasing team gets an advantage, mainly if dew factors come into consideration as mentioned earlier.

Home Team Advantage:

The team who is already familiar with the ground has a greater chance of winning as they are already adapted to the field condition.

Compare Key Players:

Take the strength and vulnerability of key players into consideration. Some of the great players struggle against inswing bowlers at the start of the innings. Consider a match-up of the crucial players against each other.

Captain’s role:

Captain’s decision-making and the power of leading the team from the front can make a big difference in the match.

Identify finishers:

Finishers can be the game changers mainly in T20 and T10 matches. Identify the players who can be consistent and take single runs as well as hit boundaries. Taking these players will work to your advantage.

Team form:

Cricket is a team game. So of course, if one team is already known to be better than the other and are more consistent there’s a higher chance that they will win.

You need to have years of experience and understanding to make a great team which will bring you results. Trust your Cricketing instincts and play. 


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1. What are some best cricket prediction Telegram Channels?

Dubai King, Betway India, 22BET, Fantasy Arena, Fixed Tips Arena, Expert Free Tips, Cric Informer. 

2. How do I make a cricket prediction team to win?

Go through past Data, consider External factors, Consider Toss factors, and analyze a team’s strengths and weaknesses. The details have been described above. 

3. How can I join the best cricket prediction Telegram Channels?

Click on the links given above and you will be directed to the page in your Telegram account. Explore the Channels and join which one you think is most suitable for you. But remember to consider the authenticity of a Channel if they ask for money.

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