How to Fix Van 9005 Error Code – Procedure For UEFI Mode, TPM 2.0 Support, Restart Your system

How to Fix Van 9005 Error Code: The New error code in the Valorant game is driving Gamers crazy. A new error code named Van 9005 is appearing on all Windows 10 systems who are playing the Valorant game and users can’t play the Valorants game because of the error code.

But don’t worry we are here to make it vanish and get you back to your game. To resolve this issue you need to follow some steps that are given by the Windows and Valorant games on their respective website.

But you don’t have to go through the trouble we got you covered  and provided every necessary step to get your game running again without any errors and also make the Van 9005 Error disappear here are the steps

What is the Van 9005 Error Code?

If you are also facing a Van 9005 error code in your Valorant game don’t worry. It is just a new set of solutions Valorant game needs to run on Windows 10 and the error code will start appearing on all of the Windows 10 systems.

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Who is playing the Valorant Game starting from July 10th, 2023? This error is caused by the VBS ( Virtualization Base Securities ) setting in Windows 10. To resolve the issue just follow the steps given below and you will be back to enjoying your game in no time. 

How to Fix Van 9005 Error Code?

How to Fix Van 9005 Error Code

To Fix your Van 9005 error just follow the steps given below. You can resolve the 900 error code without any hardships using the below steps 

First users should access their BIOS settings and they have to enable TPM 2.0 In the UEFI. Most of the user’s BIOS settings have these options if not then you have to follow some additional steps. Let’s get into those settings in a while before that let us look at how to check UEFI mode and TPM 2.0

Procedure to check UEFI Mode

How to Fix Van 9005 Error Code

Step 1:

First, open your Windows laptop or PC and go to the Windows Key.

Step 2:

Now in the search bar type in “misinfo32” and search for it.

Step 3:

Now you will get the system Information and there click on system summary in the left panel of what window.

Step 4:

Now you get some options displayed o your screen. Scroll down a little and verify if the BIOS Mode is set to UEFI or not.

Procedure to check TPM 2.0 Support 

Step 1: Just like we did for the UEFI Mode procedure go to the Windows key and search for “tpm.msc” 

Step 2: If the TPM is enabled then you got a popup on the screen saying the TPM is supported 

Step 3: If the TPM is not supported then you see a different popup saying the TPM is not Supported 

Now let’s see the previous process we have left in the middle way. Which is to enable the UEFI Mode and TPM 2.0. If you follow the above procedures to check the UEFI and TPM 2.0 then you should know if your system supports the UEFI and TPM or not. 

Also, users should remember that there are different bios versions in Windows and every Bios has different settings. So the same steps given below may not be the same for every BIOS. If you have successfully enabled those 2 options on your system, then here is the next process 

Restarting Your System 

Step 1: Restart your System and look for a message during the startup of the system which says “Hold XX Key to Enter BIOS “

Step 2: click on the keys mentioned on the startup, those keys mostly be F1, F2, F10, F12, Del, or ESC

Step 3:Now to enable the TPM 2,0 you can refer to your System Manufacture Guide. You have done have one you can search in Google 

If all the steps given above didn’t work for your system then follow these steps to resolve Van 9005 Error Code

How to Check VBS (Virtualization-Based Security)?

How to Fix Van 9005 Error Code

Step 1: At first users should check if the VBS ( Virtualization-Based Security ) is on in the user’s system 

Step 2: To check the VBS Is on users should click the Windows key and in the search bar you have to type ‘msinfo32”

Step 3: Now after searching for the ‘misinfo32’, you get to see your system Info and if you scroll down a little and check at the right panel you see if the VBS is running or not. 

How to Disable VBS (Virtualization-Based Security)?

Step 1: Open the command prompt in your system and run it as an Administrator and paste the following command on the command prompt “bcdedit/set hypervisorlaunchtypeoff”

Step 2: After typing the above prompt on the Command prompt restart your PC 

You are done with disabling the VBS. You can also make sure if it is done or not by following the same above process to check if the VBS is active or not. If you still face the Van 9005 Error code, you must contact Riot Support. 


1. What Causes Van 9005 Error?

The Van 9005 error is caused by the VBS ( Virtualization Base Securities ) setting in Windows 10

2. How Do I Fix The Van 9005 Error Code?

You can fix the van 9005 error code by turning off the VBS setting in your Windows 10

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