OnePlus Nord 3 Price In India Leaked | Check Launch Date | Full Specifications

OnePlus Nord 3 Price In India: OnePlus Nord 3 might make its debut in the coming month. However, the company has not yet revealed the exact dates. It is reported to come in India in two variants.

One of the models might have 8GB RAM and 128 GB storage. Are you keen to know what would be its price? Read on and you will get an idea about, OnePlus Nord 3 Price in India.

OnePlus Nord 3 Price In India

According to the tweets and stories that are moving around for the OnePlus Nord 3 Price in India, it seems that the price tag will bear the number anything above Rs. 30000. Some news even suggest a precise rate of Rs 32999, for the base model.

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Along with the base model, the company may also launch the top-line model with 16GB RAM and 256GB storage. This top-line model is rumored to be around Rs 36999.

To understand the two models with their prices, look at the table given below. It will offer you a clear picture about the OnePlus Nord 3 Price in India.

Base Model OnePlus Nord 3Topline Model OnePlus Nord 3
128 GB storage256 GB storage
Estimated Price Rs 32999Estimated Price Rs 36999

How Are The Price Estimates Almost Accurate for Nord 3?

OnePlus Nord 3 Price In India: The reason why these estimated prices might be the actual prices of Nord 3 models is that, Nord 3 is a version higher to Nord 2.

OnePlus Nord 2 was launched in the year 2021 and at that time the price kept for that was Rs 27999 for the base model and Rs 29999 for the topline model.

Now since the OnePlus Nord 3 has released in July, 2023, it seems that anything around the prices as discussed above in the table,  could be correct.

OnePlus Nord 3 Price In India Leaked

Know About OnePlus Nord 3 Specifications (Expected).

OnePlus Nord 3 Price In India: Some of the rumors suggest that, OnePlus Nord 3 that is being launched in India soon, is the rebranded onePlus Ace 2V.  Here are some of the expected specifications of this gadget that you need to know.

OnePlus Nord 3 features might include a 6.74 inch AMOLED display. There  might also be Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It would use a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor with Mali G7 10 GPU. It would be equipped with  Android 13 software. For India, there would be 8GB RAM and 128GB storage for the base model and 16GB RAM and 256 GB storage for the topline model.

There will be a battery of 5000mAh and a 16MP selfie camera at front. There might be a triple camera set-up with 50 MP primary sensor.

Here’s the table that clarifies the expected crucial features of OnePlus Nord 3.

Display6.74 inch AMOLED display
GlassCorning Gorilla Glass
Battery 5000mAh
ProcessorMediaTek Dimensity 9000
SoftwareAndroid 13
CameraTriple camera setup with 50MP primary sensor and a 16MP front selfie camera

As of now, these are only leaks and not the exact features or prices. But, the above details will help you to estimate the features and OnPlus Nord 3 Price in India.

What Are One Plus Nord 3 Expected European Prices?

As per one of the leaks which had appeared at the start of this month, this phone is also expected to launch in some parts of Europe with the pricing of around EUR 449 and EUR 549 of its models. When you convert these prices into Rupees, it comes to Rs 38000 and Rs 46000 respectively.

These phones might sell in the European market at slightly higher prices than India. This is because, in India, the country has many other competitors like Samsung and Xiaomi. Thus, OnePlus has to face competition from these players as well.

Due to the competition factor, OnePlus Nord 3 Prices in India are lower than in Europe. So, the prices as discussed above would be India specific prices and the prices in other parts of the world would be slightly different.

What The OnePlus Nord 3 Teaser Says?

OnePlus Nord 3 Price In India: In OnePlus Nord 3 Teasers that are seen online these days, the company says that” Something New Is Coming”. OnePlus has also come up with the lab campaign and here they say that the next Nord will be checked by a few first people and they will unbox, test and use the phone and then also give reviews. 

As per the lab campaign, the first six people will get a chance to review OnePlus Nord 3. So, the company is trying its best to make the next Nord highly popular. Above that, if the prices that they have kept are also competitive.

The OnePlus Nord 3 Prices Are Not Officially Out Yet.

OnePlus Nord 3 Price In India: Even though we have given the best of our information that we got from the reports and rumor mills, there’s no official statement from the company yet about the prices.

Some experts also feel that the prices that are expected to be around Rs 32999 and Rs 36999 respectively for the base and the topline models, might go even below Rs 30000. If the company wants enormous sales and wants to beat the competition, then the price for the base model should ideally be below Rs 30000. 

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Here’s what we feel.

We therefore conclude that, prices of OnePlus Nord 3 are estimated to be around Rs 30000. But, there are no official reports on exact prices. As soon as we come to know about OnePlus Nord 3 Price in India, we will update you in regards to the same.

Till that, we think the information given above will help you to make the buying decision. You know the expected features and the expected prices. This should be enough to consider whether you would like to have this device in your kitty or not. Let’s wait and watch for the next Nord and see how it stands by our expectations of prices and features. 
OnePlus Nord 3 is one of the much hyped phones these days and there are many leaks and teasers that create a buzz. Let’s wait till we get the next update on this OnePlus Nord 3 Price in India.

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