GB WhatsApp APK Update (Official) 2023 | Latest Version 

GB WhatsApp APK Update: WhatsApp is a highly influential messaging application worldwide. Recently, there have been attempts to make it feature-rich. If you want to know about it, you must understand the GB WhatsApp APK update 2023 (GBWA).

This update is v9.66 and is offered on Users can download and install the update on their phones. It imparts additional features to this popular messaging platform. 

Developers have added some new features to the official WhatsApp, including the ability to hide double ticks, change themes, set the online status, use WhatsApp accounts, and many more. There is more privacy available in it, and using the app is free of charge.

The latest version of GB WhatsApp APK update resembles WhatsApp Messenger but provides various functionalities like changing themes, hiding message checking receipts, and also giving you the ability to adjust your last seen time. The APK also enables users to hide their online status.

DISCLAIMER: Do not consider GBP WhatsApp as an official APK of WhatsApp. The official developer of this APK is not WhatsApp.

What Is GB WhatsApp APK Update 2023: Latest Version?

Since its emergence, WhatsApp is one of those applications that have become rapidly popular. It comes with various useful features that facilitate the easy exchange of media. The GB WhatsApp is the first application copy of WhatsApp that has always been updated. 

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In other words, it is a customized variant of WhatsApp. It has many advanced functions. Moreover, there isn’t any need to get rid of WhatsApp if you wish to switch to GB WhatsApp. This WhatsApp MOD APK offers features like:

  • Freezing your last seen 
  • Over 4000 themes 
  • Messages that cannot be deleted 
  • Hiding of blue and second tick
  • Automatic replies and more 

Note that you get all of these features along with the usual features of the app. It’s possible to use official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp with different numbers. So, you essentially get two WhatsApp accounts on your phone. 

gB whatsapp download 2023 Details

This table gives you all the details regarding this APK file’s download.

Application name GB WhatsApp APK
PurposeGB Whatsapp update 2023 new version
App version v9.66
Size of the APK54 MB
Operating system needed Android 4.3 or a later version
Last update An hour ago 
Number of downloads 100 million +
Root needed None 
Usage purpose Additional features on WhatsApp & GB Whatsapp new version 2023

How To Use WhatsApp GB APK Update – Download and Install

How To Use GB WhatsApp APK Update

The process of downloading this gb whatsapp latest version 2023 APK isn’t difficult. However, you need some storage space on your device to install this update. Follow these pointers to download it.

Step 1

Use the website mentioned in this article to download the APK file on your device.

Step 2

After the download process ends, open the folder where the APK file has been saved.

Step 3

Tap this file so the installation process commences.

Step 4

If you have installed it for the first time, you will be asked to permit installing an app from an unknown source.

Step 5

Go to the ‘Settings’ section followed by ‘Security.’

Step 6

From here, turn on the option, ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.’

Step 7

Navigate back to the WhatsApp download APK and tap it.

Step 8

In the new window, you will see the option to install and cancel.

Step 9

On tapping the ‘Install’ option, the installation of the APK file will begin. Let the installation process complete.

Step 10

Once that is done, open your app and then create an account. The process is the same as you have carried out for creating your account on WhatsApp. 

After following these steps, you can leverage the new features of the GBP WhatsApp APK update. 

Permissions You Need to Install GB WhatsApp APK Update

You will need the following permission for a seamless installation. 

  • Permission to use the internet.
  • Access to your mobile’s location
  • Access to Bluetooth, camera, and Wi-Fi.
  • Contacts access
  • Permission to use map services 
  • External storage 
  • Permission to kill background programs
  • Access into accounts
  • Permission to record audio
  • Permission to vibrate
  • Permission to send a text message 

Features Offered by GB WhatsApp APK Update 2023: Latest Version

There are a ton of features in the GB WhatsApp APK update 2023. Here we have listed some of the most exciting ones. 

  • Auto reply – This functionality allows you to reply anytime to your friends or colleagues. Just enable it to set it up.
  • DND – You can turn on this mode in case you are busy using some other app, or you do not want to receive WhatsApp messages at the present moment. The GB WhatsApp APK will turn off the internet connection for itself.
  • Broadcast text messages – The GB WhatsApp APK 2023 allows you to broadcast your text messages to all the groups you are a part of. 
  • The Filter Messages feature – This APK update lets you delete chat. It also filters your messages. 
  • Anti-delete feature – GBWA has an anti-delete message feature. Through it, you can read those messages and statutes people deleted after sending. 
  • Hiding the blue ticks – This APK update allows you to hide the blue ticks and double ticks on the app. You can even reply to others while the message delivered to you shows a single tick. When your reply gets delivered, the single tick will become a double-blue tick. 
  • Freezes your last seen – When you enable this feature, your last seen will freeze. So, it will not be possible for anyone to see you online, even if you are online at that particular time. 
  • Presence of over 4000 themes and the ability to set your own theme – If you are tired of the usual themes, why not explore the wealth of themes offered by GBWhatsApp? The variety will ensure that you never get bored of a few. 

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How To Use GB WhatsApp APK Update

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to save the status that my friend uploads after installing GB WhatsApp APK update 2023?

Just open the status and find the download button on the right. Touch it to save the status on your phone.

2. Is installing the GB WhatsApp APK update 2023 safe?

This update has been downloaded by over a million WhatsApp users. Most haven’t faced any issues. So, we will call it safe. 

3. Can I use GB WhatsApp on my iPhone?

GB WhatsApp works seamlessly with iPhones as it does with Android. So you can install and use it on your iPhone. 

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