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Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status 2023: If you are looking forward to getting Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status 2023, you ought to check the details of the Karnataka Government Scheme, known as the Anna Bhagya Scheme. This scheme, as stated by the Karnataka Government, is specifically for people below the poverty line.

In this scheme, the people who are eligible for the same will get Rs 170 directly in their bank account. The main motive of the Karnataka Government is that no one should stay hungry or sleep with an empty stomach. Read more to know about Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status in detail.

Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status 2023 

As per the Ahara.Kar.Nic.In, the Karnataka Government started a scheme called as Anna Bhagya Scheme on 10th July, 2023. In this scheme, the government gave 5KG Rice to needy people. But some practical issues came on the way.

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So, the Karnataka Government came up with the Yojana, where the needy people and those who are eligible under this scheme get Rs 170 in their respective accounts. This change happened in the year 2023.

The Government thought it would be easier to transfer the equivalent money to the account of the head of the family. To understand these basic things in an easy way, here are some really useful facts mentioned in the table.

Name of the schemeAnna Bhagya Scheme
Who Started the schemeKarnataka Government
What was given in this scheme?Initially, 5KG rice to people below the poverty line and then Rs 170 as the direct bank transfer in 2023.
The scheme is forPeople below the poverty line in Karnataka

The table given above will provide you with all the relevant details about the previous and the current Anna Bhagya Yojana. The scheme wanted to give 5KGs of rice to the needy people below the poverty line, but due to impossibility, it now gives Rs 170 in the bank accounts of the eligible people in Karnataka. 

How To Apply For Ahara Karnataka Scheme And Direct Link?

Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status
Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status

Two things will be needed to get registered with this particular scheme started by the Karnataka Government. Here are the two things mentioned below:

  • The person will be eligible for the Ahara scheme as started by the Government of Karnataka only if he is residing in Karnataka. 
  • The ration card of the resident should be linked with the Aadhar card.

With all these things, you can register with this particular scheme. Once you have registered, you wish to check the status, and you can go through Ahara. Kar.Nic.In.

To understand the conditions required for being eligible for the Anna Bhagya Scheme, check the table given below:

Residence status of the personStaying in Karnataka
Eligibility for the Anna Bhagya YojanaPeople living in Karnataka below the poverty line
Documents needed for LogInRation Card and Aadhar Card

The above table might have cleared all your doubts properly.

How To Check Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status?

If you wish to check the status of this particular scheme, you must go through the relevant online portal. Here’s the step-by-step procedure for you if you are keen to check Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT status.

Step 1:

Visit the official website where these scheme details are given, ahara.kar.nic.in. 

Step 2:

Check the pages of this website and go through the scheme details.

Step 3:

Choose Anna Bhagya Scheme.

Step 4:

There’s one option called Direct Money Transfer. Get access to this page.

Step 5:

You will now have to put in the relevant credentials like Ration Card, Aadhar Card etc.

Step 6:

If you have duly filled up the information or credentials section, your DBT status will appear on the screen.

As you know that you are eligible for this scheme, and yet you have not registered. You can do the same as soon as possible. It is indeed essential to know about the application procedure and also to check the status of the DBT scheme.

To this scheme, the Government of Karnataka has already started sending the money to the accounts which are registered with it. However, it is important to note that this scheme is only for needy people and those who are below the poverty line.

The Karnataka Government started this scheme with the noble cause that everyone should at least get food and no one should sleep on an empty stomach.

Some important things about Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status

DBT means direct bank transfer. The Anna Bhagya scheme started with the motive that there should be 5KG of rice to be given to the people below the poverty line in Karnataka.

But since this thing seemed impractical, the money equivalent to this is now transferred directly to the bank accounts of those who are needy or below the poverty line.

So now, Rs 170 is being transferred to the eligible individuals directly in their bank accounts through a direct bank transfer.

Important Links For Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status:

Official websiteClick here
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Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status

FAQs: Ahara.Kar.Nic.In DBT Status

Anna Bhagya Scheme is started by which Government?

Anna Bhagya Scheme is started by the Government of Karnataka.

What’s the purpose of this scheme?

The purpose of the Anna Bhagya Scheme is to give some financial and food assistance to people below the poverty line.

Is Anna Bhagya the only scheme by the Karnataka Government?

Anna Bhagya is not the only scheme to help the needy by the Karnataka Government. Many different schemes are designed for the well-being of the poor people living in Karnataka. 

The Karnataka Government is quite open-minded about the people living there, and it works towards helping the needy people.

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