Super Mario Wonder Release Date | Price | Characters And More

Super Mario Wonder Release Date: Nintendo Switch is indeed six years old. Still, the recently announced Super Mario Wonder is the first 2D Mario game that has come out on the platform. It has some smooth side-scrolling options, and of course, everyone’s excited to know about Super Mario Wonder Release Date.

In this article, you will get all the information about Super Mario Wonder Release Date, price, and even the details about the characters.

Super Mario Wonder Release Date

The pre-orders for Super Mario Wonder have started in the USA and UK. This side-scrolling game was announced on 21st June, 2023 during the Nintendo Direct Event. The Super Mario Wonder Release Date is 20th October 2023. If you wish to know precisely about these given details, here’s a table for you to get a perfect explanation.

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Game to be releasedSuper Mario Wonder
Date of announcement21st June 2023
Date of release20th October 2023
Game genre2D Mario game
Super Mario Wonder Release Date
Super Mario Wonder Release Date

Is Super Mario Wonder Available For Pre-Order?

Now, most of the people who are crazy about this amazing game would want to know if this game is available for pre-order. The answer to this is, yes, it is available for pre-order on stores like My Nintendo Store, Amazon UK, Game, Shop2, and Hit. These are the stores in the UK. In the USA, you can pre-order from Amazon USA, Nintendo Store, Walmart, Bestbuy, and Gamestop.

If you also wish to know the prices, here’s a list that you can see in the table.

Name of the store for pre-orderPrices
Amazon UK49.99 pounds
Amazon USA$59.99
My Nintendo Store UK49.99 pounds
Nintendo Store USA$50.99
Walmart USA$59.99

Super Mario Bros Wonder Playable Characters

If you are a Super Mario Bros fan, you must know about all the playable characters. The names of these characters are Luigi, Mario, Toad, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, and Princess Peach. These were the playable characters in the past game.

There are chances that even in Super Mario Wonder, these characters might be present. There is also news about the power-up for the Mario character. It is expected that in the game, Mario can turn out to be with elephant power and convert into an elephant.

What Are The Specialities Of Super Mario Wonder?

The specialty of this game would be the characters and the theme it comes up with. There will be a mushroom kingdom, and many new elements will be added to the game. There will be elephant flowers, talking flowers, and as you touch the flowers, there will be a change in the world right there.

The design and artwork look good; this version is quite polished and advanced. When you order and play this game, it’s a bet that the experience will be far more immersive than ever.

Also, you will see that there will be no button press. This is what we know about the game now. If you wish to know more about the Super Mario Wonder game, then you have to wait till the game is released. 

Super Mario Wonder Trailer

Those who have seen the Super Mario Wonder Trailer are thrilled because this game has some fantastic levels. There would be wiggling pipes, large rolling balls, and many more hurdles on the way.

Of course, there would be challenging levels, and it would pose many challenges to your mind. But when the game comes out, the players will come to know the exact features of the game. As of now, this is the only information we have. But, as we know more about this, we will let you know.

So now that you know Super Mario Wonder is coming to switch, you can now enjoy the game with some of the toughest levels. There will be a lot of novelties and challenges for you, which you must be looking forward to tackling.

We hope you know enough about the game now. If you are a video game fan, then you would love this news for sure. We hope we have provided you with enough ideas about what you can expect from this game. If we know more about it, we will provide you with updated information on the same.

If you have more doubts about this, you can check the FAQ section below. It has some really helpful questions and answers for you. As of now, Super Mario release date is 20th October. Till this time, you will also come across more leaks and more information on this topic.

Super Mario Wonder Release Date

FAQs: Super Mario Wonder Release Date

1. What overview can you expect from the Super Mario Wonder game?

The game will come with many surprises, and also there will be a lot of challenges. The new Super Mario Wonder will help you unlock a lot of surprises. There’s a power-up, too, where Super Mario will be transformed into Elephant Mario.

2. What is the Super Mario Wonder Release Date?

The Super Mario Wonder Release Date is supposed to be 20th October 2023. Usually, Nintendo doesn’t postpone the game if announced. But, if there’s a delay, they will declare the same. We will update you with the same if there’s a delay or postponement in the plans.

3. Does the game include only Mario as the character?

The game Super Mario Wonder has many other characters, too, apart from Mario. These include Toad, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy. 

4. Have the pre-orders for the Super Mario Wonder game started?

Yes, the pre-orders for Super Mario Wonder Game have started. You can order the game from Nintendo stores. You can also check the other online stores where the game is available for pre-order.

5. When was Super Mario Wonder Unveiled, and where?

Super Mario Wonder was unveiled on 21st June 2023 at Nintendo Direct. The game is very popular these days. The game is not yet released, but after seeing the trailers, people have started expecting a lot from it. The game has some really nice special effects, new characters, and perfect artwork in the background.

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