Instagram Threads App Download | Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Instagram Threads App Download: A new social media app is going to be launched on the iOS App Store and Android Google Store on July 6th, 2023 by Meta, is new Instagram threads app. This new app from Meta is going to compete against one of the major social media platforms Twitter owned by Elon Musk.

The new Instagram Threads app has some crazy features and updates to our regular Instagram app. The major and most interesting feature of the Instagram Threads app is the privacy controls. So are you also super excited to get your hands on the Instagram Threads app then without any delay, Let us have a look at all the features, Download process of the Instagram Threads App. 

Instagram Threads App Download

Meta is going to launch a new Instagram app called Instagram Threads to compete with Twitter Threads. If you open your Instagram app go to the search bar and type “Thread” in it, then you can see a ticket symbol at the side of the search bar.

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And when you tap on it a rotating spinning ticket having your username and account details will be displayed on your screen and it shows the launch time of the Instagram Threads app on it which is 10 a.m. ET.

Well, the new subscription of Twitter to increase people to pay on the app, to read that Twitter Threads may change after the launch of the Instagram Threads app. What do you think let us know in the comments. “Instagram Threads App Download”

Instagram Threads App Download Process

Instagram Threads App Download: If you also like us and want to try Instagram Threads first and be ahead of others, then you must follow these steps to install Instagram Threads App. 

Well before we get into the Download process the Instagram Threads app will be available for both Android and IOS. So let’s see first look at the Android download process of the Instagram Threads app and move on to the IOS Download process 

Step 1

Open the Google Play Store on your Mobile. 

Step 2

In the Google Play Search Bar type in “ Instagram Threads “ and press on search. 

Step 3

Now a bunch of apps related to Instagram popups on your screen and in those select which is specified as Instagram Threads App and click on it.

Step 4

Now click on the install button and also make sure you are not installing any fake app while you are installing it.

Step 5

Your Instagram app will be downloaded on your mobile. If the Google Play store asks for any permission, check those permissions, and if you are okay with the permissions grant them. 

Instagram Threads App Download

Now let’s get into the IOS App Store Instagram Threads app download process

  • Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone
  • Step 2: Now go to the search bar and type “Threads” in the search bar 
  • Step 3: A few apps pop on your screen now in those select the Instagram Threads app
  • Step 4: Now after finding the app click on it and now you can see a button named Install or Get  it and click on it 
  • Step 5: You are Done. Your Instagram Threads app will install on your iPhone. If the app asks for authentication then specify your Apple ID. 

Instagram Threads App Download Date and Features 

Instagram Threads App Download: The Instagram Threads app is live now on both the App Store and IOS Store, the Instagram Threads app launched on 6th July 2023 and everyone can download the Instagram Threads app by going to the Play Store or Apple Store and can download it for free. 

Let’s have a quick look at the Instagram Threads app, so we are not left behind in its features. Instagram threads allow all the users on the platform to keep private conversations with all of their close friends on Instagram. “Instagram Threads App Download”

The Threads app seamlessly connects with Instagram’s main platform and we can add or move our close friends list to the Threads app. The app also has some cool features like status updates, Auto status, and Camera centric interface. That’s not it there are many more features of the Instagram Threads app let’s look at them

Instagram Threads App Features 

  • In the Instagram Threads app, we can screenshot the notifications for the enhanced privacy awareness.
  • We can integrate the Instagram Threads with our Instagram main account close friends list.
  • Like in WhatsApp, we can now have status updates in Instagram Threads to show friends our current locations, our moods, etc.
  • A new feature called Auto status feature which automatically updates the status based on a given context by the users.
  • For the influences and selfie lovers, the Instagram Threads app has a camera-centric design for a very quick photo and video sharing.
  • Using the Instagram Threads app we can share our stories with close friends and also exclusive content to only our close friends list.
  • At last, we have Instagram’s advanced privacy controls like blocking close friends, Mute, etc.

Instagram Threads App Download: FAQ’s

1. Where Can I Download The Threads App?

You can download the Instagram Threads app from both Google Play store and Apple Store. 

2. How Do I Download Meta-Threads?

You can Download the Meta threads by going to the Google Play store or Apple Store and download from it. If you want an easy process you can follow the steps given above to download the Meta Threads App.

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