Al Roker Net Worth: Biography, Career History, DOB, Books

Al Roker Net Worth: Al Roker is a popular weather presenter, and he earned a lot of popularity because he was a featured anchor of NBC News Today. He also writes books and has been the author of 13 acclaimed books. In 1994, he came up with his own multimedia company too.

He also produced and acted in a few projects. So, in a way, Al Roker has been doing many things right, from weather forecasting to writing books to podcasting to TV production. Do you want to know about Al Roker’s Net Worth? If yes, read the information given below.

Al Roker Net Worth

You must be thinking, what’s Al Roker’s Net Worth? Before that, you must know a few more things about him. He was born in the year 1954 in New York, USA. He produced and acted in The Robots, The Big Year, and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. While he has been actively involved in hosting NBC, he has an annual salary of 11 million dollars.

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Al Roker Net Worth

Al Roker’s Net Worth is supposed to be $ 90 Million. He has been part of NBC for 40 years. Apart from that, he has also done many projects that have fetched him good money as an author and actor. In 2020, his net worth was approximately 70 Million USD, but now in 2023, Al Roker’s Net Worth is 90 Million USD.

To understand these basic details about Al Roker, you can read the table given below:

Al Roker Birth Year1954
Al Roker’s Net Worth in 2020USD 70 Million
Al Roker’s Net Worth in 2023USD 90 Million
Al Roker’s ProfessionWeather Presenter, Actor, Author, Host

Know about Al Roker’s Assets

Al Roker Net Worth

Al Roker has five real estate properties, and he also has investments in stocks. He has four cars. As far as his homes are concerned, he has two houses. One property is in NYC, and the other is in Hudson Valley. Post Covid’19, Al Roker has stayed in the Hudson Valley house with his wife and two children. His Hudson Valley property is lovely and has many rooms and amenities.

Al Roker DOB

The Al Roker fans who wish to know his birth date are in the right place. Al Roker’s DOB is 20th August 1954. He is 69 years old and yet very active in his career. Here are some details about his DOB and assets. Read the table and get a precise idea.

Al Roker DOB20th August, 1954
Al Roker Real Estate Properties5
Al Roker Homes2
Al Roker Cars4

He has done a very good job in his career and hence he has earned a good name and good wealth too. Are you also interested in knowing details about his life and Al Roker Biography? Read the details given below.

Al Roker Biography

Al Roker Net Worth

Al Roker was born in New York in 1954. His mother’s name was Isabel, and his father’s name was Albert Roker Sr. He was raised in a catholic way, and he attended Xavier High School. He finished his BA in Mass Communications in Oswego in 1976. He became a weather forecaster, and he became famous because of his accurate forecast and how he delivered that in a relaxed way. 

Al Roker has an excellent personality, and he has a height of 5’8. He has all the personality traits to have a good hold on the media. His way of speaking, interaction style, and the hold on language makes him stand ahead of his competitors. 

Al Roker Career History

Al Roker started his career with NBC while he was still studying in college. He took up a part-time job in 1974. After that, he went to Washington, DC, and took up a full-time weather forecasting job. While he was growing up, his interest was very much in becoming a cartoonist.

But as he graduated in mass communication, he joined mass media. He was very good in his work as a weather forecaster and journalist. In 1994, he started his own multimedia entertainment company. He also tried his hands at writing books and working on a few projects as an actor.

Al Roker Books

Al Roker Net Worth

Some of the popular books that Al Roker authored and published include:

  • You Look So Much Better In Person
  • Ruthless Tide
  • The Midnight Show Murders
  • The Storm of the Century 

He has more than 21 books as an author. He has grown old, but his passion for writing, hosting, and acting is growing stronger. All these books along with his other career options made him earn a good net worth.


1. What health issue Al Roker had?

Al Roker had prostate cancer, so he went across surgery for prostate removal. He also had blood clots issues, and for that, he was hospitalized recently.

2. How old is Al Roker today?

Al Roker was born in 1954, and hence he is 69 years old as of now.

3. Who is Al Roker’s wife?

Al Roker had married twice. His previous wife’s name was Alice Bell. His current wife’s name is Deborah Roberts. He has two children with his wife Deborah, Nick, and Leila. With his first wife, Alice, he had an adopted daughter named Courtney. Courtney has a daughter named Sky Laga. Roker is quite excited as he is a grandfather now.

4. What is Al Roker’s Net Worth?

Al Roker’s Net Worth in 2023 is 90 Million dollars. He has been consistent in his work and has gained much exposure as an author, weather forecaster, and actor. He wants to work more and learn more. 

5. Where does Al Roker live?

Al Roker lives in his home located in the Hudson Valley. This home has many rooms and excellent amenities too. He also has a home in New York, but post Covid, he has been living in the Hudson Valley home.

6. Is Al Roker a grandfather too?

Al Roker had an adopted daughter with his ex-wife Alice and the daughter gave birth to a child. Hence, Al Roker is a grandfather too. He is quite excited to be in his new role.

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