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IB71 Box Office Collection: IB71 is a film starring Vidyut Jammwal, and it is still running successfully on the screens. When the film was released in May, there were few good films to compete with IB71. Thus, the first day of the IB71 Box Office Collection was too good. The Kerala Story was the only film that gave it a tough competition.

You would be keen to know about this movie IB71, whether it was a hit or a flop, whether it recovered its money or what the reviews say and how the movie’s plot is. You might also be interested in knowing about the star cast. Read on, and you will get a lot of detailed information on this movie.

IB71 Box Office Collection

The movie fans would want to know about the IB71 Box Office collection on the first day of opening and later. The first day of IB71 Box Office Collection was Rs 2.2 crores, and that was on 12th May 2023. If you wish to know the day-wise box office collection of the movie for that week, read the table below.

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IB71 Box Office Collection

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12th May 2023, Friday2.2 crores
13th May 2023, Saturday1.53 crores
14th May 2023, Sunday3.10 crores
15th May 2023, Monday1.10 crores
16th May 2023, Tuesday1.06 crores
17th May 2023, Wednesday1.02 crores
18th May, 2023 Thursday0.65 crores

By the end of June, the box office collection for the movie had decreased a lot and was around 0.15 crores per day. But, experts say that the movie has recovered the costs, and hence, the makers have earned a decent chunk of money. Would you like to know more about this movie? Like, its star cast, plot, story and review? If yes, read the details like IB7 Star Cast, IB7 Movie Plot and IB7 Movie Review.

IB71 Star Cast And Other Details

IB71 Box Office Collection: IB 71 Star Cast includes Vidyut Jammwal, Anupam Kher, Vishal Jethwa, Danny Sura, Suvrat Joshi, Faizan Khan and Dalip Tahil. This movie is an action-packed movie with amazing scenes. It is a thriller wherein the specialist team is sent to retrieve the stolen destructive weapons. Sankalp Readdy is the movie director. The movie was made with a budget of approximately 27 crores. But, with the IB71 Box Office Collection, the makers could make some money and also remove the movie’s cost. Even though the collections were not too high, the movie is decent and one should watch the movie at least once. The stars have performed very well on screen.

IB71 Box Office Collection

IB71 Movie Plot And Story

IB71 Box Office Collection: IB71 is based on one of India’s classified and special missions that happened in the year 1971. There was the India Pakistan War in 1971, and as per the true story, this incident had happened, and India had won against Pakistan. The movie trailer, which was released in April, provided a good idea about what the film plot would be all about. Even though the movie got a loose start, it picked up well later. 

The trailer showed an airplane crash, and then the intelligence bureau officers Vidyut Jammwal and Anupam Kher were shown as creating strategies to fight off Pakistan. They had the mission to safeguard India during the 1971 war. So, this is the story of many unsung heroes who were ready to give off their lives during the Indo-Pak war in 1971.

Here’s a table to give you a clear picture of a few essential things.

Movie nameIB71
Directed bySankalp Reddy
Main stars in the filmVidyut Jammwal, Anupam Khen, Faizan Khan
Movie is based on Indo-Pak War 1971

IB71 Movie Review

IB71 Box Office Collection: Most of the viewers who watched the movie felt that the movie was surely good as there was no unnecessary drama. The scenes looked realistic. The story was to the point, and all the actors acted very well in the film. Perhaps, this could be the reason for a good IB7 Box Office Collection. The movie is based on a true story and will be released soon on the OTT platform. The movie is still running in some cinema halls and you can checkout through online booking websites. 

How To Watch This Movie At Cinema Halls?

IB71 Box Office Collection: If you are keen to watch the movie then you can book the tickets online for the theaters nearby. You can also visit the cinema halls and check the tickets availability there. Ideally, the movie was released two months before and so getting the tickets is pretty easy as there’s not much rush in the cinema halls for IB71.


1. Was IB71 a hit or a flop?

Looking into the IB71 Box Office Collection, it seems the movie could just take out its costs or cover them. It could not attain super high profits, and nor did it make losses. So, in a way, the box office collection could remove the costs of the film. But there are many other ways the makers can earn money, and these include selling satellite and digital rights. In future, the makers might earn a good chunk of money.

2. What is the total Box Office Collection of IB71?

The total IB71 box office collection is around 22.54 crores. 

3. Is IB71 worth watching?

Yes, IB71 is worth watching once, as it is based on the true events that happened during the 1971, Indo-Pak War. The movie has a perfect script and superb actors, and it can offer a thrilling experience in the first half of the movie. However, the second half of the movie is slightly boring.

4. Is IB71 a real story?

IB71 is a real story, and it is based on actual events. The events date back to 1971 when the India-Pakistan war was going on. The arms related to mass destruction were stolen, and how the IB officers created strategies to retrieve these items. India could win the war against Pakistan, so this movie is a way to celebrate the sacrifices of the unsung heroes who endangered their lives to protect the country.

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