SASSA SRD Banking Details Change or Update 2023

SASSA SRD Banking Details Change or Update: South African Social Assistance and Security Agency (SASSA) started giving Social Relief Of Distress Grant (SRD) to financially distressed people during the time of Pandemic. SASSA carefully investigates each applicant’s financial and personal information to determine their vulnerability.

The Agency is controlled by the South African Government. SASSA gives an amount to those underprivileged people every month so that they can satisfy their basic needs. Sassa works closely with other governmental and non-governmental groups to identify and support vulnerable people and families.

SASSA has set some eligibility criteria for the SASSA SRD Scheme. The people who satisfy those criteria become SASSA beneficiaries. The amount directly gets transferred every month to the personal bank account of the beneficiaries. 

Now, SASSA bank details change or update is going on. So, if you are one of the SASSA SRD beneficiaries who want to update or change their bank details, you should go through this article. Here we have a detailed discussion on SASSA SRD Banking Details Change or Update, How to change your bank details, How your SASSA SRD Grant will be paid, SASSA Status Check, and more. Read the article till the end for more information.

SASSA SRD Banking Details Change or Update

Social Relief of Distress Grant was introduced by SASSA during the time of Covid 19. Millions of people have lost their jobs and work, making it difficult for them to earn the bread and butter for their families. The South African Government then came to the rescue and started providing a monthly R350 SASSA SRD Grant to these financially substandard people.

Sassa R350 Grant Payment Date

SASSA Status Check Appeal 2023

Sassa Status Check For R350 Payment Dates

Besides this social relief fund, SASSA also provides grants for senior citizens, war veterans, child support, and others. You need to change or update your SASSA banking details in time to make sure that you receive the payment on time. Read further to know about the detailed procedure.


Scheme Name Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD)
AuthoritySocial Assistance and Security Agency (SASSA), South Africa
Importance  of Banking Details UpgradeTo Receive an SASSA SRD Grant.
The scheme will be continued up toMarch 2024 (expected)
Official WebsiteLink Below 


SASSA SRD Banking Details Change or Update: SASSA introduced various methods to make payments every month to the beneficiaries. If the person provides personal banking details, money will directly be transferred into their bank account. Besides that, Shoprite, Pick and Pay, Boxer, USave and Spar stores are also available to make the payment in cash. To bring the money from these stores beneficiaries need to carry their SASSA SRD ID and the registered mobile number. 

But payment via bank is the most convenient and easiest way to receive the cash. If you have already submitted your bank details, SASSA will make the payment through your bank account. 

Payment through the post office was also an option before. But currently, it’s not available anymore. 

SASSA SRD Banking Details Change or Update

Importance of SASSA SRD Banking Details Change or Update

Even though SASSA SRD has a bunch of options available as a mode of payment, receiving your payment through bank transfer is the most reasonable and easy method. 

While providing your banking details to SASSA please make sure that all the information submitted is correct and the account belongs to you. If any of the details provided is wrong, you will not receive the payment on time. Also if you change your bank account, make sure that you update the details on your SASSA SRD account too. Otherwise, you will face problems in receiving the payment. BANKING DETAILS CHANGE OR UPDATE

If you change or update any details of your bank account, make sure that you change it in your SASSA SRD form too. Otherwise, you will not be receiving your SASSA SRD Grant. We have listed the steps below that you need to follow to change or update your banking details on SASSA. 

  • Firstly visit the official portal of SASSA SRD (
  • SASSA is available only for South African Citizens and Asylum seekers or Special permit holders living in that country. So you need to choose an option from the given list as per your nationality.
  • Then you will see a reminder from SASSA. It will clarify that you will receive payment according to your new bank details only when the details will be verified by the authority. 

Here are the guides for South African Citizens and Asylum Seekers.


  • On the official website go to the ‘How do I change my banking details’ section. 
  • Enter your SASSA SRD ID number.
  • You will receive an SMS to your registered cell phone number. You will find a unique link attached to the SMS. 
  • Now click on that link and you will find a list of instructions. 
  • Read the instructions carefully as mentioned and follow them to continue further process. “SASSA SRD Banking Details Change or Update”


  • The Asylum Seekers have to enter the number of their Asylum file and the Special Permit Holder needs to enter their passport number. 
  • Then they need to enter their registered mobile number.
  • Now you have to find the Payment ID that you can use to receive your payment from the Pick n Pay. The payment via the Post Office was available before but it’s not available nowadays.


Step 1:

Visit the Official Portal of SASSA. If you are using a mobile phone as the device then download the SASSA app. 

Step 2:

Enter your SASSA ID and registered mobile number to log in to your account.

Step 3:

Enter the SASSA SRD Grant number and submit. 

Step 4:

Once you submit the details your SASSA SRD Grant Status will be visible on the screen.

SASSA SRD Banking Details Change or Update: Changing or updating your bank details is a must to receive the SASSA SRD Payment successfully. Beneficiaries should do it as soon as possible to receive your payment on time. The SASSA SRD Grant is expected to be continued till March 2024. 


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1. How can I change my SASSA SRD banking details?

Go to the Official Website of SASSA SRD. Enter your South African Citizen number. Or enter your Asylum or Passport number as needed. Go to the ‘Change my banking details’ section. You will receive a message on your phone with a unique link. Click on the link and follow the instructions further.

2. Why is my SASSA SRD Status showing the application was rejected?

Probably you haven’t fulfilled any or more than one eligibility criteria to receive the SASSA Grant. Otherwise, the details you provided didn’t match with the information of SASSA. If none of this is the issue, then you need to re-appeal on the website and submit valid proof to support your claim. You can also call the SASSA helpline number to learn about the details.

3. When will I receive payment after updating my Bank details?

Once you update the bank details, the authority will verify the information. Once the verification process is done, you will start receiving payments. There is no specific timeline for this process. It can take from several weeks to months. 

4. What is the SASSA helpline number?

0800 601 011 is the toll-free helpline number of SASSA SRD. You can call this number to learn anything regarding your SASSA SRD Grant.

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