Jo Lindner Biography: Net worth | Age | Family | Death Reason And More

Jo Lindner Biography: One of the famous social media influencers and bodybuilders Jo Lindner passed away on 30th June 2023 and all of his followers and fans are still unable to process the fact that one of the healthiest people on earth has died.

So let’s look at some of the reasons why Jo Lindner died and also Jo Lindner’s Biography and other details. Stay with us until the last to know all the details about Jo Lindner from his Family, Age, Relationships, and Net Worth to the cause of his death.  

Jo Lindner Biography

Full NameJo Lindner 
Nick Name Joesthetics 
Article NameJo Lindner Biography
Article CategoryBiography
Profession Athlete, Body Builder, Content Creator, Social Media Influencer, Youtuber 
Height 5 Feet 11 Inches (182 Cm)
Weight 100 kg
Date of Birth 14th January 1993
Born in Regensburg, Germany 
Age 30 Years
Nationality German 
Religion Christianity 
Died in Thailand 
Death Caused by Aneurysm 

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Jo Lindner Biography

Jo Lindner Biography
Jo Lindner Biography

Jo Lindner has born on 14th January 1993 in Regensburg, Germany and he is a German Athlete, Body Builder, Content Creator, Social Media Influencer, and Youtuber. He has a total of 943k subscribers on youtube and he has a massive 8.5 million followers on Instagram.

Jo Lindner has always maintained a very perfect body and muscle, when it comes to his physical characteristics he was 5 feet 11 inches (182 CM) and he has maintained a 100 kg body weight

Jo Lindner Family 

Jo Lindner never revealed any of his family details to the public and we don’t know anything about his parent’s or siblings’ details, but according to various sources, it is assumed that Jo Lindner has a sister. But her details are still unknown to the public, and in terms of his personal marital status, he didn’t marry anyone but he had multiple relationships.

Jo Lindner’s present girlfriend is Nicha, she is from Thailand and Nicha is also a fitness enthusiast like Jo Lindner and she is also one of the famous social media influencers having a total of 139K followers on her Instagram. Jo Lindner mostly kept his private life secret so we didn’t have much information about his family or sibling details.

Jo Lindner Career

Jo Lindner started his fitness career when he is 25 years old and leveraged various social media platforms and YouTube and use to give lifestyle, and healthcare tips on the platforms.

He has a total of 8.5 million followers on Instagram and nearly 1 million subscribers on YouTube Jo Lindner focus mostly on the categories of lifestyle and physical fitness on his social media and Youtube platform and he also used to offer workout tips to beginners, intermediate, and professionals.

And because of his constant hard work and struggle, he managed to become a well-known fitness model and social media influencer known by many people across the globe. 

Jo Lindner Cause of Death 

The tragic death of famous fitness influencer Jo Lindner happened on the 30th of June at the end of the month and all his fans and friends across the globe have devastated after hearing this news. Even being one of the healthiest persons in the world, death has chosen Jo Lindner soon than anyone anticipated. Let’s look at some of the reasons and the causes of Jo Lindner 

It is known that Jalandhar was feeling a lot of pain in his Neck, for the past few days before his death. So regarding the Neck pain, Jo Lindner visited the hospital and after various health tests and diagnostics, It is known that Jo Lindner suffering from a disease known as Aneurysm. 

Aneurysm is a condition where the person’s blood vessels bulge as in the case of Jo Lindner it is in the part of his neck. After understanding the situation Jo Lindner instantly joined the hospital and took the necessary treatments to cure the Aneurysm.

But sadly during his treatment Jo Lindner has dead. His Girlfriend suspects that maybe Jo Lindner’s Aunt has also suffered the same condition and may have died for the same reason and she claimed it can be a hereditary health condition. 

Jo Lindner Net worth

As of 2023 Jo Lindner’s net worth is estimated to be around 2.5 million and the sources of his income are from the career, Lifestyle, and fitness tips he gives to people. Jo Lindner also has a YouTube channel with nearly 1 million subscribers 943k to be exact and that channel has an overall 300+ channel uploads. 

So based on subscribers, his sponsorship income may be anywhere around 11000 to 19000 dollars per sponsorship, and based on all these sources of information. We can estimate Jo Linder’s net worth is around 2.5 million dollars.

Jo Lindner Biography


How Old Is Jo Lindner?

Jo Lidner has born on 14th January 1993 and as of now, he is 30 years old.

What Does Jo Lindner Do For A Living?

Jo Lindner is a famous German bodybuilder and also a major social media influencer. His major source of Income comes from Instagram and Youtube sponsorships. He has a total of 8.5 million followers on Instagram and nearly 1 Million subscribers on Youtube. 

How Tall Is Jo Lindner?

Jo Lindner is 5 Feet 11 Inches (182 Cms).

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