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iPhone 15 Pro Release Date: We have already got into the month of June of 2023 and the Apple iPhone lovers are already awaited for the new iPhone 15 Pro release and for all the Apple iPhone 15 Pro lovers out there.

We have included all the information about the iPhone 15 Pro from the iPhone 15 Pro Release date to iPhone 15 series price, iPhone 15 series design and specification, and a lot more. Apple iPhone Lovers Can just scroll down and know all the information about iPhone 15 Pro release date and other information. Stay tuned till last to know all the information about the iPhone 15 Pro release date. 

iPhone 15 Pro Release date: Launch Timeline

iPhone 15 Pro Release Date: iPhone 15 was launched on 15th September 2023. Last year in India Apple launched its iPhone 14 series in the 2nd week of September 2022.

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So it is expected to be released in the same timeline this year too. But there was no official confirmation from Apple on the iPhone 15 release date and we are just assuming the release date based on the previous years. 

iPhone 15 Series Price

iPhone 15 Pro Release Date: Apple is known for its expensive prices and we are expecting the same expensive prices in India this year too. We can assume the iPhone 15 may start and range around 80,000 Rs and its pro model iPhone 15 Pro may range around 1,30,000.

And again all these ranges are expected and assumed from the previous year’s Prices, the previous year’s iPhone 14 launched at 79,900 and the pro model was 1,29,900. So we expect the same ranges this time too.

iPhone 15 Pro Release Date

iPhone 15 Pro Release Date: iPhone 15 Series Design 

iPhone 15 Pro Release Date: Unlike the previous years, maybe this time we may expect a few big changes from Apple iPhone designs in the year 2023. This time it is rumored that iPhone 15 Pro may have a punch-hole display design. It is a big change to the total Apple iPhone design compared to previous Apple iPhone designs. 

And this year for the Pro designs Apple is seeming to change the old traditional button design for its iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Max because of some production issues, leaving the button-less design this year. 

New reports and rumors have mentioned that the new design of pro models is first expected to have new buttons that going to be added to iPhone 15 Pro and pro-Max, which have different functionality from the old traditional design, and Apple has to add 3 new haptic engines to the new iPhone pro-Models for the new buttons, But those buttons further extend the production line original timeline. 

So because of all these new complex designs and big production issues this time. We may see just 2 button design for volume adjusting. Some other reports and rumors reveal that Apple plans to totally replace the old iPhone mute button with a new one and it seems to work like a customizable action button just like we have the button in the Apple watch ultra. And as always the all-new features will be only limited to Pro models and the regular iPhone 15 have the same old mute button feature. 

And also this time iPhone 15 series frames, we may see the same large camera bums on the rear panel in the iPhones. But this time we may see an Apple iPhone with its new thin bezels of iPhone 15 series. Also, the new iPhone series is also expected to have a USB type c port instead of a lightning port. 

It is expected to be USB type C this time in iPhones because of European laws, but in India, we may see the same old lighting port in the iPhone design. Also, this time the iPhone will have more rounded frames so users can have a better grip on the devices. And all the fans who are expecting a charger in the box, we have bad news Apple has no intention to include chargers this time in the iPhone 15 retail box. 

iPhone 15 Series Specifications

iPhone 15 Pro Release Date: Now for the iconic iPhone 15 series specifications, we have seen an Apple bionic a16 chipset in the previous year’s iPhone Pro models. So we may expect an upgrade in the chip which is an A17 bionic chip for the iPhone 15 Pro models and the A 17 bionic chip from Apple is expected to be super powerful and the fastest processor that Apple ever created. 

And when it comes to the camera Module of the iPhone 15 specifications, the regular version of the iPhone 15 is expected to have a 40-megapixel camera as we saw in the previous year’s iPhone 14 Pro models. Also, this is a very big major upgrade to the iPhone Camera module upgrading from having only 12-megapixel sensors to 40 megapixels in the new iPhone. 

Sadly, fans may not expect a Telephoto lens or optical zoom, or liDar sensor, premium features on the regular base model iPhone this year and all these premium features will be only available to Pro models. And the Promax models of iPhone are expected to have a prominent camera model which is rumoured to have a 5-6x optical zoom periscopic lens. 

For the battery and charging section in the iPhone 15 specifications, we don’t have much information on this and most of the information is still unknown. But Apple has to offer a fast charging facility because of the competition that Android phones have.

Android has already offered 30-watt charging tech for under 30000 rupees and the iPhone still has that old 20-watt charging tech. So we have to wait until September to know what Apple does with its Charging module. 

iPhone 15 Series Price Drop 

iPhone 15 Pro Release Date: This time in India the iPhone 15 series may have good news for India. iPhone lovers may see a slight price drop in the price of the iPhone 15 series because Apple launched its own official Apple store in India.

So we may see a price drop in the iPhone prices, although we may not see huge price drops. But we can definitely see a slight price drop of a couple of 1000 rs. But it may be only exclusively to the official Apple store located in Mumbai and Delhi. 

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