Delhi Ordinance Bill In Parliament

Delhi Ordinance Bill in Parliament: On Tuesday, The Government of National Capital of Delhi (Amendment) Bill 2023 was introduced, that is on 1st August 2023. This bill will be taken for consideration on 2nd August 2023, Wednesday in Lok Sabha and after taking up the relevant points and considering it in detail, it will pass in Lok Sabha.

The main aim of the Delhi Ordinance Bill is to replace an ordinance and also to reject the protests of the opposition. Those who wish to know about the Delhi Ordinance bill Parliament Live (Lok Sabha), can read the information here.

Delhi Ordinance Bill In Parliament Live 

If you want to know everything about the Delhi Ordinance Bill in Parliament Live (Lok Sabha) then here’s all the relevant information for you. As per Union Home Minister, Mr. Amit Shah the Constitution of India has given the powers to the Parliament to pass any laws that relate to Delhi.

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Certain reasons make the legislation take effect on an immediate basis and Mr. Amit Shah’s Deputy Nityanand Rai will explain these reasons in detail.

Who has opposed the Delhi Ordinance Bill in Parliament?

Delhi Ordinance Bill in Parliament

A few opposition parties like Congress and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal have opposed this update. YSR Congress Party however seems to support the bill’s passage. The bill, if passed, will give Union Government powers over Delhi’s Bureaucracy.

This bill was presented in Lok Sabha as well as Rajya Sabha. In the Rajya Sabha, the bill received tremendous support. But in Lok Sabha, the Delhi Ordinance Bill will need support from Biju Janata Dal or YSR Congress. It seems that YSR Congress will extend support to this bill in Lok Sabha. To know about the Delhi Ordinance bill Parliament Live (Lok Sabha), here are the latest updates.

AAP has opposed the bill and has called it a black law, illegal and they have used many such words to establish their opposition. He has been trying to collect his supporters so that the opposition can become strong.

Raghav Chadha from AAP said that this bill is undemocratic and is challenging the topmost court or authority in the country. If this bill is considered the interests of 20 million people in Delhi will be in danger.

To get an idea about those who opposed and who might support the Delhi Ordinance Bill and also a few more details of the same check the table given below.

Delhi Ordinance Bill Presented On2nd August 2023, Wednesday
Delhi Ordinance Bill to be considered in Lok Sabha2nd August, 2023, Wednesday
Parties that opposed the bill in Lok SabhaAAP Party
Parties that might support in Lok SabhaYSR Congress Party, BJD

As of now, we have these details for the Delhi Ordinance Bill in Parliament. If you want to know more details about what the Delhi Ordinance Bill is all about, you can read the information given below. 

Know some more things about the Delhi Ordinance Bill In Parliament

Delhi Ordinance Bill is supposed to replace the administrative services control in Delhi. MPs who have not supported this bill need better and more clarity on this issue. People want better clarity about the Bill as it should not hamper the governance.

The Chief Minister should have more powers, but Delhi being a Union Territory, this thing never happened. Passing this bill should streamline the governance and hence there will never be any issues in coming times related to the governance.

Kejriwal said that passing this Bill will have bad effects and thus he condemned the bill terming it as undemocratic. He also said that the Bill’s passage will give rise to Babucracy.

With the above opposite views of Amit Shah and Kejriwal, let’s see what’s in the basket. We provide you with the latest updates on the Delhi Ordinance Bill in Parliament.

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