Water Aid India Jobs: Check Career And Emolyment @Wateraid.org

Water Aid Jobs: WaterAid India is presently working in 32 districts and 2 towns in 13 different states of India. WaterAid India offers different job opportunities for people who are willing to work for the betterment of society. WaterAid India doesn’t only provide jobs but offers other perks also to their employees.

To effectively run the organization, all the employees need to work together to achieve the organization’s aim and objective. Keeping this in mind, WaterAid India has assigned different jobs and responsibilities to different people. From time to time, the organization keeps recruiting eligible candidates on the desired job profile. You can check all the current job openings and other opportunities provided by WaterAid India which doesn’t only give you a job but an opportunity to explore yourself.

Water Aid India Jobs

Young and dynamic people who wish to be a part of the organization that is bringing awareness about clean drinking water and safe and hygienic sanitation can find all the latest WaterAid India jobs listed in this article. You can apply for these jobs according to your interest and eligibility. You can also read about all the perks and benefits that are provided to the employees of WaterAid India

Perks offered at WaterAid India

Different perks and benefits that an employee gets at WaterAid India are as follows:

1. The flexible working hours for the employees helps them to smoothly manage their personal and professional life. A full-time employee at WaterAid India has to work 8 hours a day.

2. Offs are offered on public holidays and weekends. Apart from this, an employee gets 18 days of leaves in a year which is accompanied by 12 casual leaves and 6 sick leaves.

3. WaterAid India also offers maternity and paternity leaves (paid) to its employees.

4. The option of remote working i.e. working from home is also given to employees for a duration of 12 days a year.

5. Health and accident insurance of all the employees is done by WaterAid India to provide them safety and support during medical emergencies.

6. Last but not least, WaterAid India gives ample opportunities to all of its employees to explore themselves and enhance their creativity and innovation skills. Different qualities like leadership qualities, the ability to work in a team, communication skills, etc are also developed while working with WaterAid India.

water aid india jobs
water aid india jobs

WaterAid India Jobs

Let’s have a look at the different jobs that WaterAid India offers:

  • 1. Content Writers
  • 2. Social Media Managers
  • 3. Graphic Designers
  • 4. Volunteers
  • 5. Project Managers
  • 6. Event Managers
  • 7. Project Officers

The above-mentioned are a few jobs at WaterAid India. The organisation keeps notifying about all the latest job openings through its official website. WaterAid India keeps organizing different awareness campaigns and the whole organization comes together to make every campaign an effective and efficient initiative towards fulfilling the motive of WaterAid India. 

How to apply for WaterAid India Jobs 

The ones who are interested in applying for WaterAid India jobs will get multiple chances to interact with people at different places and make them aware of the WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) program of WaterAid India. You can apply for a job at WaterAid India by sharing your resume with the organization and going through other stages of the selection process.

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