WaterAid India 2023- Result, Admit card, Recruitment, News

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About WaterAid India 

WaterAid India 2023- Result, Admit card, Recruitment, News

WaterAid India is a program under WaterAid, an international NGO. The purpose of Water Aid India is to provide clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene to people living in different urban and rural areas of the country. The NGO works on the theme of “Health Hygiene & Sanitation” and does various awareness campaigns and programs to reach out to people on a mass level.

There are different programs like Water Aid India- Drinking water security, WaterAid and Urban WASH, WaterAidIndia School WASH, WaterAid and Rural Sanitation, and WaterAid and WASH in health and nutrition which are functioning in more than 11 states of India.

Every year, lakhs of people benefit from the different programs of WaterAid India. Thousands of volunteers work day and night to fulfill the aim of the organization. Here, you can know more about Water Aid India and know how the organization works and what key impacts it has brought to date. 

Themes of WaterAid India Work: Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Water Aid India is committed to bringing awareness in the country about clean water, hygiene, sanitation, and drinking water security. The organization is working on a few themes which are the welfare of society and bringing a positive impact in the lives of people. The WaterAid India works on the following themes:

  • Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Under the above-mentioned theme, WaterAid India is running different programs like Water Aid India- Drinking water security, WaterAid and Urban WASH, WaterAid India School WASH, WaterAid and Rural Sanitation, and WaterAid and WASH in health and nutrition.

Let’s read about each aspect of the theme of Water Aid India Work: Health Hygiene & Sanitation to know how the organization is working in different directions.

WaterAid India- Drinking water security

Even though clean drinking water is a basic necessity of an individual’s life, one out of every ten humans is deprived of safe and clean drinking water. According to a report, 163 million people in India are facing a scarcity of clean drinking water.

To help people across the country to combat this ‘problem’, Water Aid India is running the following programs:

  • WaterAid India has synchronized with Bihar Public Health Engineering Department and uses the technology to provide clean water.
  • In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Jal Chaupals are organized in fixed periods to spread awareness about clean drinking water in rural and remote areas.
  • Water ATMs to provide purified drinking water to people are installed in Odisha by WaterAidIndia.
  • To save water and provide an effective water supply, WaterAidIndia is working in the direction to supply water through mini-piped water systems.
  • In areas where the water has high amounts of fluoride, arsenic, bacterial contaminations, and other impurities is treated with water testing toolkits and Water Aid India is teaching people to use these toolkits.

WaterAid and Urban WASH

People living in places where there are no proper sanitation facilities often suffer from different diseases. The lack of proper sanitation facilities could be because of indecent toilets or deprivation of places to build toilets and the shortage of clean water for sanitation purposes.

To tackle this situation, WaterAid India has launched its Urban WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) program in different locations and is making people aware of the significance of clean water, proper sanitation places and facilities, and good hygiene to stay healthy.

As a result of WaterAid and Urban WASH, the lives of lakhs of people have been impacted. People from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and other states are now raising their voices for toilets and water facilities for a better living.

WaterAid India School WASH 

The WaterAid India School WASH program was launched for all school-going children with the motive to provide a hygienic environment and awareness at their respective educational institutions. The WaterAid India School WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) works along with the school management authorities to develop better sanitation facilities, and safe and clean drinking water for every student.

The organization is also intended to provide education regarding water security, sanitation, and hygiene to students and make them aware of these necessary aspects of life. 

The Department of Education assists Water Aid India in its School WASH program; this program has brought a major impact and awareness in school-going children. The construction of separate washrooms for girls and boys, the installment of water purifiers, and the creation of a clean and hygienic environment for students are the core impact of WaterAid School WASH.

WaterAid and Rural sanitation

We all are aware of the fact that the people living in Rural India face the most complications regarding sanitation and drinking water. Due to unhygienic sanitation practices and the usage of impure and dirty drinking water, rural people suffer from different diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, etc. and sometimes even succumb to these.

In villages and other rural areas, there are no toilets and people defecate openly. Open defecation creates an unsafe environment for girls and women, spreads diseases, and makes the surroundings unhygienic. 

The WaterAid and Rural sanitation program ensures that proper sanitation facilities are provided to people of all age groups who live in rural areas. These people should also have access to safe and clean drinking water along with better health facilities.

People who live in various rural areas in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Chattisgarh, and southern India are now getting decent and hygienic sanitation facilities which are only possible due to WaterAid and Rural sanitation.

WaterAid and WASH in health and nutrition

Diarrhoeal diseases like cholera are spread due to the parasites and bacteria that are spread through water and human feces are fatal for people of all ages. Children of small age groups who may suffer from these diseases can face serious consequences in their lives.

Pregnant women or lactating mothers and old people are also vulnerable to these diseases. To protect people from such deadly diseases and ensure a healthy life for them, the WaterAid and WASH in health and nutrition is one such initiative of the organization. 

Under this, Water Aid India is putting efforts to bring awareness about Hygienic menstrual practices during periods, providing knowledge about nutrition, guiding people about immunity, and promoting the use of safe and hygienic sanitation processes. The WaterAid and WASH in health and nutrition are assisted by the state health department of different states and together they have brought impact on various lives.

WaterAid India Careers & Recruitments

If you’re also passionate about helping others and bringing positive impacts in the lives of people who are deprived of necessities like WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) and you’re interested in helping society to witness a change, then you can join WaterAid India and work with them.

Under WaterAid India Careers & Recruitments, interested candidates can apply on the official website of WaterAid India. The organization provides different job profiles like content writers, social media managers, campaigners, managers, etc and one can apply according to his or her interests and skills.

WaterAid India Contact

If you wish to contact WaterAid India or want to give you feedback, you can reach them through email, social media, or phone calls. You have to visit the official website of Water Aid India and go to the contact us section to send your message or queries to WaterAid India. You can email them at [email protected].

WaterAid India is located at NSIC Business Park, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110020 and you can contact them through post also. The official phone number of Water Aid India is 011-66124400. You can follow their Instagram account @WaterAid India.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does WaterAid do?

The WaterAid raises awareness regarding safe drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation among people living in different countries. 

2. How does WaterAid provide clean water?

The WaterAid works with different local bodies and administrations to develop awareness and set up facilities to provide clean water and other basic amenities.