Ecosan toilet experience


The video highlights the many advantages of the Ecosan model from Chhattisgarh state of India. Initially, the model was introduced as an alternative to twin and single leach toilets in one of the villages where the water table is high. But recognizing the advantages of this model, a significant growth in demand by the community was seen in other areas as well. The acceptance of community is evident by the fact that people are willing to contribute as high as 40 per cent of the cost of construction (approximately Rs 4,800). This is especially significant as the government schemes find it difficult to even get a contribution of 10 per cent (Rs 900) from community for the standard twin pit latrines which is cheaper than the Ecosan model. Manure produced by the toilets has helped agriculture immensely in the villages.

1 Comment on “Ecosan toilet experience”

  1. Manoj

    Kya Ecosan Toilet Rajasthan me ban sakta hai

    Ecoson aur & Twin pit toilet kya anter hai, aur konsa sarvotam hai, cost kitni hai

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