WaterAid India launches Photo and Media Fellowship

WaterAid/Prashanth Vishwanathan

WaterAid India has launched two fellowships: Photo Fellowship ‘The WASH Photo Project’ and Media Fellowship ‘WASH Matters 2018’.

With 600 million people facing high to extreme water stress and 2,00,000 people dying every year dying due to inadequate access to safe water, India is suffering from ‘the worst ever water crises’ in its history, as per the Composite Water Management Index Report 2018 by the Niti Aayog.

As the water crisis stares at us, this year, the photo fellowship ‘The WASH Photo Project’ will encourage selected fellows to document the current reality of water – the crises and the solutions — through the lens of individual and community-led visual narratives.


Targeted at amateur photographers and communication students pursuing photography, the fellowship intends to widen their understanding on how access to clean water has a positive impact on an individual’s life, and how the lack of it can lead to unimaginable circumstances.


Photographers Samar Singh Jodha, Prashanth Viswanatahn and Paroma Mukherjee would be mentoring the selected fellows during the eight-month fellowship which will culminate with a photography exhibition around World Water Day curated by the mentors and WaterAid India to give the selected fellows a platform to exhibit their body of work.

Media Fellowship

Today, both urban and rural communities face numerous challenges when it comes to accessing clean water like walking for miles and spending hours for just a few buckets of water along with the severe health implications of consuming unclean water.


Through the ‘WASH Matters 2018’ Media Fellowship, WaterAid India aims to encourage media professionals to explore water specific stories from both urban and rural areas tapping on various aspects of water like access, contamination and conservation. The aim is also to identify those heroes who have come up with several localised and context-specific, sustainable solutions and championed their way out of the crisis.

The applications would be reviewed by WaterAid India and an esteemed panel of renowned editors and WASH sector experts. Six fellows from across the country across diverse media platforms would be shortlisted. The panel would also be mentoring the Media Fellows while they pursue reportage on the theme of Water.

Applications for the fellowships are now close and shortlisted applicants would be announced soon.

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