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Learning about menstruation can be fun

In two districts of Jharkhand, learning about menstruation is made fun with snakes and ladders, bead exercise, movies and much more. In India, the taboo behind menstruation has been a constant, and WaterAid India along with its partners is trying to change this. In Dumka and Pakur districts of Jharkhand, an awareness generation fair was... Read more

Health care: When frontline workers are empowered on water, sanitation & hygiene needs

In Uttar Pradesh, efforts are being made to strengthen the frontline workers, namely the ASHA, ANMs and AWWs, on water, sanitation and hygiene in health care using informative training tools for sustained learnings. On the occasion of Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 May 2017, the Mission Director, National Health Mission and the Swachh Bharat Mission... Read more

Ghar Ghar Aakash Ganga makes Rainwater Harvesting a Reality

An Anganwadi worker in a remote village in Kanpur initiates a simple and innovate rainwater harvesting method in her village where conserving water is the desperate need of the hour. The current groundwater scenario in India is ringing an alarm bell. With the water table depleting drastically, the resultant is that 60% of India’s districts... Read more

A Step towards a Bright Future

A collaborative state level consultation on School Development Plans in Chhattisgarh aims to improve water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure.   Schools, the founding stone of every child’s life, requires a great amount of contribution from various segments of the society. From parents to teachers as well as the students, each individual plays a key role... Read more

Ensuring Water Quality Testing in Chhattisgarh

Even though the government has initiated various schemes and programmes to deal with water quality issues, their execution is quite disappointing. Therefore, to ensure proper implementation at the community level, WaterAid India connects with the villagers themselves to take the task in their hands. The National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) recommends drinking water testing... Read more

Making household tap connection normal for all!

Imagine a day without running water at home! The entire day’s schedule is bound to get disturbed, isn’t it? In order to make piped water normal for all, WaterAid India along with the government of India initiated a multi village piped water scheme in Mardanpur, Madhya Pradesh. While 16% of India’s rural families have access... Read more

How clean are schools in Pakur and Dumka?

A baseline survey by WaterAid India on water, sanitation & hygiene assesses the ground reality in 320 schools. WaterAid India conducted a baseline survey of 320 schools in Dumka and Pakur districts of Jharkhand to assess the water, sanitation and hygiene situation in schools. The baseline survey will help in guiding our programme implementation in... Read more

National Conclave on Drinking Water Quality

On 7 July, 2017, PHD Chamber for Commerce organised a ‘National Conclave on Drinking Water Quality’ in New Delhi. The conclave focussed on solutions for managing water quality, affordable clean drinking water for all, planning for sustainable utilities, sewage treatment, wastewater management, and designing integrated infrastructure. WaterAid India was the Knowledge Partner for the conclave... Read more