Bandhu Camp community kids meet Dabang Delhi Kabbadi Club players

WaterAid/Pragya Gupta

WaterAid India (WAI) is one of the charity partners of the Dabang Delhi Kabbadi Club (DDKC) for the fourth season of the Pro Kabaddi League! DDKC is a team that represents New Delhi as well as the National Capital Region in the league.

As part of this association, a share of the proceeds from the ticket sales of DDKC’s Delhi matches will be donated to WaterAid India. DDKC players will record video messages urging their fans and the general public to support the cause of access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

During the team’s recent visit to Delhi ahead of the match, WAI along with the partner Forum for Organised Resource Conservation & Enhancement (FORCE) organised a fun-filled Kabaddi match amongst the kids from Bandhu Camp community under the guidance of DDKC team players. Kids were thrilled at the opportunity and took great interest in the practice sessions as well as the final match.

Children from Bandhu camp enjoying at the Kabbadi match. Photo: WaterAid/Pragya Gupta
Children from Bandhu camp enjoying at the Kabbadi match. Photo: WaterAid/Pragya Gupta

Bandhu camp is an unauthorised slum where WAI along with partner FORCE started working last year. The slum has around 300 families who migrated from Bihar and West Bengal and most of them belong to the marginalised communities. When WAI started working in the community, it had no toilet, the drains were blocked and there was no garbage removal system. There were mountains of garbage and only one tanker used to come for water. There was water scarcity, open defecation rate was high and hygiene conditions were pathetic. Post WaterAid’s intervention under the Swacch Dilli, Swasth Dilli (SDSD) campaign, new community toilets have been constructed which are being managed by the community itself. There are new water connections, drains cleaned and garbage piles have been removed in a very short time period. It is now a much more habitable environment than it was earlier and our work continues till the community is trained and become self-sustainable in ensuring access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene services.

Dabang Delhi captain Kashiling Adake interacting with community at Bandhu Camp. Photo: WaterAid/Pragya Gupta

Later, the DDKC team toured the community with kids and delivered motivational talks on how all kids can become successful if they focus on what they really want to achieve and start working towards it with full dedication.

Team’s Captain Kashiling Adake interacted with a few girls from the community and inspired them to participate and do whatever they wish to achieve in sports.

DDKC being a socially responsible team is partnering with multiple organisations to help spread awareness across WASH, wildlife and energy conservation. They have also tied up with CADD (Community Against Drunken Driving), CRY, Uthaan and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

DDKC will kick start their season against the Bengal Warriors on June 27, 2016 and will host the last leg of the league in Delhi from July 24-27, 2016.

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