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17 May, 2015 | |
The Indian experience with civil society
16 May, 2015 | |
Bhopal fails to curb open defecation
6 May, 2015 | |
International agencies warn of disease outbreak in Nepal
1 May, 2015 | |
Nepal’s Rural Poor, Hardest Hit By Earthquake, Now Face Massive Health Threat
1 May, 2015 | |
Quake-hit children, women in Nepal easy prey for human traffickers
22 April, 2015 | |
Sanitation challenges: Govt not well equipped, say experts
17 April, 2015 | |
Singapore can offer lessons in sanitation: Study
17 April, 2015 | |
Singapore can offer lessons in sanitation: Study
14 April, 2015 | |
Singapore’s legacy in sanitation provides lessons for developing world, WaterAid research finds
10 April, 2015 | |
Financing Swachh Bharat

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WaterAid: India visit with Hugh Bonneville
August 2015

How the WASH sector can contribute to the National Nutrition Mission

ARUNDATI MURALIDHARAN The recently approved National Nutrition Mission provides an opportunity to integrate water, sanitation and hygiene interventions for improved nutritional outcomes for children and women. The Government of India’s commitment to improve nutritional status of children and women is receiving unprecedented support. Recently, the Cabinet approved the launch of the National Nutrition Mission with financial support of Rs 9046.17 crore. Perhaps the most promising feature of this Mission is the explicit recognition of the need for convergence among various schemes addressing nutrition along with instituting robust monitoring mechanisms and engendering community participation. While the Mission does not elucidate the...

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