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17 May, 2015 | |
The Indian experience with civil society
16 May, 2015 | |
Bhopal fails to curb open defecation
6 May, 2015 | |
International agencies warn of disease outbreak in Nepal
1 May, 2015 | |
Nepal’s Rural Poor, Hardest Hit By Earthquake, Now Face Massive Health Threat
1 May, 2015 | |
Quake-hit children, women in Nepal easy prey for human traffickers
22 April, 2015 | |
Sanitation challenges: Govt not well equipped, say experts
17 April, 2015 | |
Singapore can offer lessons in sanitation: Study
17 April, 2015 | |
Singapore can offer lessons in sanitation: Study
14 April, 2015 | |
Singapore’s legacy in sanitation provides lessons for developing world, WaterAid research finds
10 April, 2015 | |
Financing Swachh Bharat

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Mala, Community Mobilizer and Anita, Panchayat Mobilizer facilitating the MHM session with village women and adolescent girls. Baisenbagh village, post interventionLucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Decoding GST on sanitary pads

ARUNDATI MURALIDHARAN & TANYA MAHAJAN Why does GST matter? After a year-long zealous campaign on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for sanitary pads by Members of Parliament, activists, students and the general public, the Government on India announced on 21 July 2018 that sanitary pads will be exempted from GST, a decision that was thought to benefit the thousands of Indian girls and women who use and want to use sanitary pads. The basic premise for the zero tax movement was that sanitary pads are an essential and not a luxury item for women.  But will tax exemption really...

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