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25 July, 2016 | The Quint | News Mention
Mother, Babies in Peril as Indian Hospitals Fall Short on Hygiene
25 July, 2016 | Newslaundry | News Mention
Maternal hospitals in six states struggle with hygiene and toilets
25 July, 2016 | IANS | News Mention
Mothers, babies in peril: 343 hospitals in 6 states struggle with hygiene, toilets
25 July, 2016 | India Samvad | News Mention
Unhygienic hospitals a reason for India’s high maternal and infant mortality rates
25 July, 2016 | Business Standard | News Mention
India has most stunted children in world: Report
24 July, 2016 | The Hans India | News Mention
WaterAid launches Healthy Start campaign
23 July, 2016 | Orissa Post | News Mention
Call to improve water safety, hygiene
23 July, 2016 | Daily Pioneer | News Mention
WaterAid Launches Healthy Start in State
23 July, 2016 | The New Indian Express | News Mention
Healthy Start’ to provide better water facilities in city
22 July, 2016 | PTI | News Mention
Clean water, environment can prevent 1 out of 5 newborn

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Taxing bathtubs, reviving rivers and saving turtles: Impressions from the State level Jal Chaupal in Uttar Pradesh

AVINASH KUMAR Do you know, if you see turtles hanging around a river, it’s a sure sign that the river is living? Do you know that rivers retain their surface levels drawing from the groundwater? ‘Can we ask the government to levy a small tax on the sale of bathtubs in this country? If nothing, it will force people to think about how much water they are using without bothering where it is coming from!’     The last suggestion came from Vikram Singh, a Member of Legislative Assembly from Fatehpur Cantt constituency in Uttar Pradesh. Many such riveting and revealing...

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