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25 July, 2016 | IndiaSpend | News Mention
Mothers, Babies In Peril: 343 Hospitals In 6 States Struggle With Hygiene, Toilets
25 July, 2016 | The Quint | News Mention
Mother, Babies in Peril as Indian Hospitals Fall Short on Hygiene
25 July, 2016 | Newslaundry | News Mention
Maternal hospitals in six states struggle with hygiene and toilets
25 July, 2016 | IANS | News Mention
Mothers, babies in peril: 343 hospitals in 6 states struggle with hygiene, toilets
25 July, 2016 | India Samvad | News Mention
Unhygienic hospitals a reason for India’s high maternal and infant mortality rates
25 July, 2016 | Business Standard | News Mention
India has most stunted children in world: Report
24 July, 2016 | The Hans India | News Mention
WaterAid launches Healthy Start campaign
23 July, 2016 | Orissa Post | News Mention
Call to improve water safety, hygiene
23 July, 2016 | Daily Pioneer | News Mention
WaterAid Launches Healthy Start in State
23 July, 2016 | The New Indian Express | News Mention
Healthy Start’ to provide better water facilities in city

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ISHITA RAMPAL India, a country home to over 1.3 billion people, is equivalent to 17.7% of the world’s total population. Along with the varied culture and diversity, emerges an overwhelming reality – the lack of basics such as clean water to drink, an accessible toilet, and good hygiene practices. As I travelled to some of the most remote rural communities and trailed the lanes of urban slum dwellings in fast-growing towns, this blatant truth was everywhere. But even though the growing population and the lack of resources has its own challenges, there are communities and small groups of men, women,...

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