Healthy Start

The Millennium Development Goals’ (MDGs) commitment to reduce child mortality by two-thirds led to a marked decline of 40% between 1990-2013. However, despite effective strategies to prevent newborn deaths, the... Read more

Right to sanitation

Ending the sanitation crisis is one of the most important developmental challenges in South Asia. India is the global capital for people practicing open defecation. Rural sanitation coverage is still... Read more


Demonstrated WASH models to influence change and replication at scale.


Demonstrated replicable models for WASH programming in communities. Began strategic engagement with government and non-government actors for specific actions on WASH. Regional offices opened in Bengaluru and Lucknow.


Tapped into the sector reforms in the country to engage with the government for community-focussed programming. Increased focus on capacity building over infrastructure support. Country office set up in Delhi... Read more


Focus shifted from only water to water, sanitation and hygiene and its health impacts. The two offices merged as WaterAid India based in Tiruchirappalli.


Focus on community management of water and ensuring functionality of handpumps. Established base in India by setting up offices in Kolkata and Tiruchirappalli.


Thrust on rehabilitation and revival of defunct handpumps in communities across India.


Started work in India with support from WaterAid International.