Tata Technologies Limited IPO: GMP Price, Share Size And Allotment [2023]

Tata Technologies Limited IPO: After nearly 2 decades the TATA group is finally coming to IPO in March 2023. Tata Technologies filed IPO papers to SEBI on March 2023 and SEBI approved the IPO.

Now all the Investors are excited about the Tata Technologies IPO because the only IPO that Tata Group made was in 2004 for the TCS (Tata Consultancy Service) after that the next IPO is Tata Technologies it is nearly 20 years since we have seen another IPO from Tata Group. 

Already the TCS (Tata Consultancy Service ) is one of the biggest IPOs in the Indian share market. But there was little to know information about the Tata Technologies Limited IPO to many of the investors. So we curated a bunch of information and provided all the details of the Tata Technologies IPO from the IPO listing to the GMP Price and IPO price band. So let’s get right into it. 

Tata Technologies Limited IPO

Recently the TATA Group filed its company details and IPO papers to SEBI in March 2023 and the good news is SEBI has approved and the Tata technologies limited will soon be listed in NSE and BSE. 

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Tata Technologies Limited is completely going to issue the shares in OFS (Offer For Sale) which is of load up to 9.57 crore units which represents 23.60% of its paid-up share capital. It’s been nearly two decades since the TATA group has come to an IPO after the TCS  (Tata consultancy service) in 2004.

So, all the inverters are super excited about the Tata Technologies Limited IPO. So let’s look at a few more details about Tata technologies limited like the share lot, The Price Band, Total shares, etc

Tata Technologies Limited IPO Overview 

Company IPO Tata Technologies 
IPO Submission to SEBI March 2023 
Expected GMP 100 Rs Per Share 
IPO Listing Not Yet Disclosed 
Total IPO Size Expected 4000 Crores 
Total Units 9.57 Crore (23.60%) 

Tata Technologies Limited IPO Gmp Price 

The Tata Technologies Limited IPO price is expected to touch 100 rupees per share according to the IPO watch, but even though the listing of the IPO is not yet released or when the Tata Technologies IPO was going to be released we don’t have any details about it. But still, only the news of Tata technologies limited getting into the IPO has made the GMP of each share go to 100Rs.

Also, many investors are trying to buy Tata Technologies limited shares in bulk, and rumors that some of them are even thinking of 750 levels. But investors should note that the GMP is only an expected price it’s not the exact price of the share 

Tata Technologies Limited IPO Date 

There is no official date from Tata Technologies or NSE or BSE about the listing of Tata Technologies or when Tata Technologies will be coming to the share market. The only details we know about the Tata Technologies IPO is that the Tata group company filed IPO paper to SEBI in March of 2023 and SEBI has approved the IPO of Tata Technologies and it will be the first public issue of the Tata group after nearly 20 years. 

So many people are super excited for the Tata IPO this time even though we don’t have any official date. But according to some sources, it is revealed that we can expect Tata Technologies IPO in the next 5 to 6 months. Meanwhile, check out the other details we mentioned below like the GMP of Tata technologies limited, etc

Tata Technologies Limited IPO Share Size and Price Band 

Tata Technologies Limited IPO

Well, the size of the Tata technologies limited IPO has not been disclosed but the market insiders are expecting an IPO issue of 4000 crores. There is not much information about the Price band but it is expected to be around 100 rupees according to GMP.

Tata Technologies Limited Share Allotment

If you want to buy the Tata technologies limited IPO then you need to know the allotted shares or reserved shares for each Category investor. We reduced the work we have provided those details below, So let’s check out them 

The QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyers) will get 50% of IP0. The Retail Investors will get 35% of the IPO and NII will get 15% of the IPO. We have provided a detailed table below for an easy and better understanding of the Tata Technologies Limited IPO shares reserved. 

Investors Reserved Percentage of Shares 
QIB Investors 50%
Retail Investors 35%
NII Investors 15%

Tata Technologies Limited Details 

Tata Technologies is started in 1994 and it is one of the parts of the Tata group. It is one of the leading global engineering services that offer product development digital solutions and these also include trunky solutions to global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

If we look at the Revenue structure of Tata Technologies the company’s major revenue comes from the automotive vertical with the major clients, which are Tata Motors and land rover. These two Offer 40% of services to Tata Technology. The major source of income for Tata Technologies comes from the other Tata Group companies  Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover. 

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1. When Tata Technologies IPO Is Coming?

The official date of the Tata Technologies IPO listing is not yet disclosed. 

2. What Is Tata Tech IPO Price?

The Tata Tech IPO Price according to GMP is 100Rs per Share 

3. How To Buy Tata Tech IPO?

Investors can apply for the Tata Tech IPO through the UPI or ASBA as the Payment Method. And they can also use platforms like Zerodha, Upstox, Etc

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