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Senco Gold IPO GMP today: The Senco gold subscription for the shares starts on 4th July 2023 and ends on 6th July 2023 only 2 days has been given for the subscription. The share allotment will be given on 11th July 2023 and also for all the other investors, who couldn’t get the subscription will get their refunds on 12th July 2023.

For the demat accounts, it will be expected to happen on 13 July 2023 and the Senco Gold stock list will be on 14th July 2023 on the NSA and BSA. But before you get through the subscription of Senco Gold let’s look at some of the Senco Gold IPO Stats.

Senco Gold IPO Gmp Today Overview

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Senco Gold Subscription 4th July to 6th July 2023
Senco Gold Share Allotment 11th July 2023 
Refunds to the Investors 12th July 2023 
Credit in the Demat Accounts 13th July 2023
Senco Gold Stock List on NSE and BSA 14th July 2023
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Senco Gold IPO GMP Today Stats 

Senco Gold IPO GMP: So actually the Senco Gold IPO is going to raise funds for the company by issuing the company shares of stock in two parts one is a fresh issue and the other is an offer for sale ( OFS ). A fresh issue of stocks is going to represent the Shares of the company that are going to sell to the public directly. 

The fresh issue company shares are going to issue a total of 85,17,350 shares. And senco Gold is going to keep the price band for these fresh issue shares ( 85,17,350 ) for the price range between 301 and 317 Rs. 

So if we do a little math here the Senco Gold is trying to raise a total of 270 crores from the Fresh Issue Shares. If we add up the OFS (Offer for sale) shares, which is the second issue of shares of Senco Gold. The Senco Gold IPO is going to release a total of 1,27,76,025 shares. 

So let’s give a quick summary of the Senco Gold IPO Shares, the total no of shares released by the company is 1,27,76,025 Shares. And Senco Gold is expected to raise a total of 405 crores of rupees from the total Shares. In the total shares released by Senco Gold, the fresh issue will be a total of 270 crores and the offer for sale ( OFS ) will be 135 Crores. 

Senco Gold IPO GMP Today

Senco Gold IPO GMP Day-to-Day Prices 

Senco Gold IPO GMP: Let’s look at some GMP Stats and values for Senco gold IPO. In every IPO the GMP is always affected by two major factors one is the market conditions which are affected by the level of nifty and Sensex. The other is the time period of subscription for the company IPO for the QIBS and retail investors. 

But we have to remember that the GMP is not an official prize point metric or official BSE or NSE trademark, the GMP is just an informal and unofficial prize point of a company IPO. But what makes it different from other IPO metrics and why do the investors trust GMP more than the other IPO Metircs if you ask?

It’s because of its good informal gauge of demand and also for the supply for IPO and because of all these advantages the GMT gives a broad specter of an idea of how the listing of a company IPO looks in a few days and it also tells the Post-performance of the company stock would be. These are some of the reasons why GMP is trusted more than other stock Metrics, Even though it is not an official calculating metric of IPO shares. So even though it’s not an official matric let’s look at the GMP Metrics for Senco Gold and predict how does the Senco gold IPO turn out in the GMP sector

Dates GMP Metrics of Senco Gold in Rupees 
29th June 2023 48 Rs
30th June 2023 50 Rs
1st July 2023 102 Rs 
2nd July 2023 102 Rs 
3rd July 2023122 Rs 
4th July 2023122 Rs 

Senco Gold IPO GMP: FAQ’s

1. What Is Senco Gold IPO GMP Today?

The Senco Gold IPO GMp Premium today is at a price of 125 Rs 

2. How Many Shares Are Going To Be Released By Senco Gold IPO?

Senco Gold is going to release a total of 1,27,76,025 shares in its IPO worth 405 Crores

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