PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today, Subscription Status, Allotment date

Pkh Ventures IPO GMP Today: The Pkh Ventures IPO has opened its subscription from 30th June to 4th July 2023. And the market observers are of the opinion that the Gmp premium for the Pkh ventures is 12 Rs per Share and also the PKH Ventures is set to be fixed for each equity share to be 140 Rs. to 148 Rs.

The registrar for the Pkh ventures is Link Intime. After the 3rd day, the Pkh ventures dropped the IPO because of the lack of interest from the people and bidders. Below are some of the stats of the Pkh Ventures IPO for your easy company analysis. Check it out now.

PKH Ventures IPO Stats 

The Pkh Ventures started in early 2000 and it is in the business of construction, development, hospitality, and management services. The main business of PK ventures lies in executing civil construction works for all the third-party developer projects through the heavy subsidiary and construction arm, Garuda Construction.

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For the Pkh ventures IPO, the company has offered its shares in the price range of 142 to 148 Rs. with a lot of 100 equity shares. The PKh ventures have started the subscription or the bidding from June 30 to July 4th. How many equity shares? If you ask about the equity shares, A total of 1,82,58,400 Pkh Ventures company shares has announced to raise 270.22 crore

PKH Ventures IPO Bad Response 

The Pkh ventures IPO has dropped 379.34 crore rupees because of the not huge response from the public and also due to the strict guidelines and rules of SEBI Rules. So let’s look at some of the SEBI rules that make his whole process a mess. According to the SEBI rules any company that comes to an IPO, is at least required to be 90% overall subscribed in the subscription time period given by the company. But as per the PKH Ventures, even the most qualified institutional bidders (QIBS) are not subscribed and so the PKH subscription has gone subscribed.

PKH Ventures IPO Day-to-Day Stats 

PKH Ventures IPO GMP Today

Some of the subscription stats of the PKH ventures at the end of day 3 the IPO was subscribed to only 65% and the most qualified institutional bidders (QIB) has only 11 percentage of the PKH IPO subscription. Normally the QIB allocation will be nearly 50% of the IPO subscription. But the PKH IPO has the HNI investors have a 1.67 Times bidding to the PKH.

And for the first day, it was only 6% of the subscription and for the second day, it is 31% of the subscription. Another interesting fact is the PKH Ventures company does not have any portion for anchor investors. 

PKH Ventures IPO Subscription Period 30th June to 4th July 
1st Day PKH Ventures IPO Subscription 6%
2nd Day PKH Ventures IPO Subscription 31%
3rd  Day PKH Ventures IPO Subscription65%

PKH Ventures Company Achievements 

Pkh Ventures is in the business of construction development, hospitality, and management services in India. And the Pkh venture’s profit is mainly focused on executing subsidiaries and construction arms to third-party individuals, companies, and developers’ projects. The Pkh Ventures has been able to take 2 Government and three government hotel development projects with a total value of 560 crores as of March 2023.

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1. Can I Still Apply For PKH Venture IPO?

No, investors can no longer apply for the PKH ventures because the PKH ventures have withdrawn from that IPO because of a lack of interest from investors.

2. What Is The Size Of PKH Ventures IPO?

PKH Ventures is worth a total of 379 Crores. 

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