Is WaterAid an Islamic charity?

Is WaterAid an Islamic charity: WaterAid is an NGO that is functioning globally to provide clean and safe drinking water along with proper sanitation facilities to maintain hygienic surroundings. The organization is currently working in multiple nations and is constantly helping people to access basic amenities like water, sanitation places, etc. WaterAid and other Islamic charity organizations work together to provide people with all the necessary resources. 

Is WaterAid an Islamic charity?

Islam religion, water has a great significance and so does charity. It is said that water not only gives life but also sustains it. The water is also useful in other terms like cleaning houses, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, and doing wudu. In many Islamic countries, the WaterAid is functioning to provide a proper supply of clean drinking water to people who are lacking in accessing it. The organization has helped several people in Sierra Leone and Pakistan to have access to safe water supply. Continue reading to know how WaterAid is working as a helping hand to a large portion of the world’s total population. 

During the holy month of Ramadan, WaterAid works more effectively in Islamic countries to provide water supply and fulfil the demand of the population. WaterAid also works with different charity organisations to collect zakat and use it for charity purposes. The organisation collects donations and charity from different regions and the donation is used in establishing proper water supply and fulfilling other requirements. WaterAid India ensures that the zakat is used for charity purposes only and provides benefits to the needy. People living in remote areas of Islamic countries like Pakistan etc are constantly benefiting from the different themes of WaterAid that are based on WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene). 

Apart from providing clean water, WaterAid also works for providing hygienic places for hand washing and other cleaning purposes. This decreases the chance of spreading diseases and other contaminants. Every year, lakhs of people from all across the globe give zakat and donation for charity and the money is utilised in providing water supply and other necessary amenities to the people of remote areas.

Giving charity and zakat to WaterAid is a humanitarian deed that provides support to the organisation to work fluently. With such assistance, the organisation works better in the favour of all the people who don’t have basic resources like water for drinking or cleaning purposes. WaterAid accepts charity and zakat all year and you can visit the official website to donate zakat. This small contribution and donation bring huge positive impacts and changes in the lives of lakhs of people who are living with a thirst for clean water. Stories of Ibrahim from Sierra Leone and Qari Muhammad from Pakistan are a few examples where a positive change came in the lives of people after WaterAid aided them with a clean Water supply. You can also raise a helping hand to provide help to people who are still deprived of clean water by donating to WaterAid.

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