ideaForge IPO GMP Today – Crucial Dates and How to Check Allotment Status

ideaForge IPO GMP: The ideaForge IPO allotment status is most likely to be shared by June 5th, 2023. This is a tentative date because, as yet, there is no official announcement. This drone manufacturing company witnessed a good response from investors for its shares from 26th to 30th June this year. Many people who invested in the company’s shares are eagerly awaiting the release of the allotment as well as the listing date. 

Expert investors are estimating that this year there will be a substantial gain of 80% in ideaForge Technology IPO GMP. If you purchased the shares of the company while the bidding process was on, then you can inspect details about the IPO GMP, subscription status, as well as listing date.

This article will highlight all these features to help you gain more clarity.

ideaForge IPO GMP Today 

ideaForge IPO GMP: ideaForge has an IPO price band ranging between Rs.638 to Rs. 672 for a single equity share. The IPO GMP premium changes daily. Today, it was Rs.523, while yesterday, it was Rs. 510. The grey market is optimistic for the ideaForge company. Indian stocks have seen new highs regularly.

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This coupled with a good subscriber response, has led the grey market to remain above Rs.500 premium. It indicates that the ideaForge IPO would remain above Rs. 1200 per equity share on the listing date. Rs.450 was the lowest GMP, while Rs.575 was the highest.

Crucial Dates Regarding ideaForge IPO GMP 

ideaForge IPO GMP: As the allotment date comes closer, investors must become very alert. During the entire bidding process, the GMP price has been very dynamic. Also, because of a holiday on June 29th, the process got concluded on June 30th. 

The table below will give you an overview of important dates. Note that all these dates are tentative.

Particulars Details
Event name ideaForge Technology IPO GMP
Company type Drone manufacturing company
Price of the ideaForge Technology sharesRs. 555
Starting date of ideaForge Technology IPO bidding26th June
Category NEWS
The day when the bidding process concluded30th June
Expected allotment date 6th July
Listing date of ideaForge Technology IPO 10th July
Date for initiation of refund6th July
Date for the credit of shares to the DMAT account7th July

How to Check ideaForge IPO GMP Allotment Status?

ideaForge has a global rank of 7 in the civil and defence category. Reputable investors such as Celeste, Infosys, EXIN Bank, and Florintree back ideaForge. The announcement for the IPO allotment has come out, and it is recommended that bidders check their allotment status online.

They can do so by navigating to the official BSC site. 

Step 2:

On the page, find the ‘Issue Type’ section. Now, tap ‘Equity’ below it.

Step 3:

From the drop-down box, choose ‘ideaForge Technology Limited.’

Step 4:

Fill in your application number along with your PAN card ID. 

Step 5:

Finally, tap the ‘I’m not a robot’ verification, followed by ‘Submit.’

ideaForge IPO GMP Today

Besides using the website mentioned above, you can check your status on Link Intime India Private Limited. Here are the steps to check it from here. 

  • Step 1 – Go to 
  • Step 2 – Now, in the drop-box, choose ‘IPO.’
  • Step 3 – The name will get populated if the allotment is finalized. 
  • Step 4 – You can choose from the three modes. These include the DEMAT account number, application number, and PAN ID. 
  • Step 5 – Choose between ASBA and Non-ASBA in the Application Type.
  • Step 6 – Now input relevant information related to the mode you selected earlier. 
  • Step 7 – Finally, input the CAPTCHA correctly and tap ‘Submit.’

ideaForge IPO GMP Grey Market Premium 

ideaForge IPO GMP: Presently, the grey market premium is Rs. 550. The grey market price of GMP trading usually begins around five days before the opening of the IPL. It continues till the listing day. From 1st to 3rd July, the GMP was Rs. 510. The GMP data for the previous three days of ideaForge Technology Private Limited will give investors a good view of the listing performance they will see.

GMP is mainly affected by two factors. First are the market conditions. This takes into account Nifty and Sensex levels. It also includes the general macro conditions and the IPO market. 

The second factor impacting the grey market price is the extent of subscription for the IPO. The level of subscription across the QIB and retail segments showcases the level of investor’s interest, so it impacts the GMP. If the QIB subscription is strong, it will lead to a rise in the GMP as it shows that investors are interested in stock.

You can gauge the demand and supply for the IPO by looking at the GMP. However, do not consider it as an official price point. 

Subscription Status of ideaForge Technology IPO

ideaForge IPO GMP: The ideaForge IPO subscription has had the greatest number of subscriptions since December 2021. No other IPO has ever recorded this many subscriptions. Its subscription rate was upto 106.6 times, while the retail portion subscription rate was 85.20. The NII part of the ideaForge IPO has a subscription rate of 80.58 points. The QIB part of the ideForge IPO has a subscription rate of 125.815. 

ideaForge IPO GMP: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good GMP for an IPO?

You can calculate a good GMP for a specific IPO by multiplying it by Q. Q is the number of shares that are already sold in the market. 

2. What is the rate of ideaForge IPO Kostak for today?

The current rate of ideaForge IPO Kostak is Rs. 300. Its rate on the 30th and 29th of June was Rs. 300. 

3. What are the expected returns from the ideaForge IPO?

The expected return for ideaForge IPO is 81 per cent.

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