Ideaforge IPO Allotment Status | Date | Status | Procedures to Check the Allotment Status

Ideaforge IPO allotment status: The Ideaforge IPO allotment date is likely to be on 5th July 2023 and the Ideaforge IPO listing date is expected to be on 10th July 2023. But it is expected in the grey market that the premium of the Ideaforge IPO technology limited will be as high as 523 Rs per share on 4th July 2023. All the investors, Bidders, and market observers are eagerly waiting for the Ideaforge IPO allotment date and also the IPO listing date.

Based on the dates, the Ideaforge IPO Allotment will be on the 5th of July 2023, so we have to check out the Ideaforge premium share price tomorrow in the grey market. Before that let’s check out some other details regarding the idea forge IPO allotment status given below.  

Ideaforge IPO Allotment Status Overview

IdeaForge IPO GMP

Seema Haider Kaun hai

Jagannath Rath Yatra 2023

Ideaforge IPO Allotment  July 5th 2023
Refund to all the other Investors who didn’t get the allotment on 6th July 2023
The shares will be credited to the Demat Account on 7th July 2023
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Ideaforge IPO listing 10th July 2023 
Ideaforge registrar Link Intime India Pvt Limited

Ideaforge IPO Grey Market Price Today 

Let’s look at some stats about the Ideaforge IPO GMP today on 4th July 2023 the market observes has noticed that Ideaforge IPO GMT grey market premium today on 4th July 2023 is  523 rupees compared to the Monday price which is 510 rupees in the Grey market. There is a big hike in the price of the share in a single day and market observers and bidders are expecting that the grey market on Ideaforge has remained highly positive and everyone wants to invest more in the Drone market in India.

The Ideaforge IPO has opened its subscription from 26th June 2023. Based on the grey market we can expect the Ideaforge IPO could go 1200 Rs or even higher after the IdeaForge listing in the IPO which is on 10th July 2023.

Ideaforge IPO Allotment Status 

After the announcement of the Ideaforge IPO allotment which will be on 5th July 2823 all the bidders and inverters can check the Ideaforge allotment status directly from the BSE website or any other stock website which has the Ideaforge official registar. The Ideaforge IPO official registar Link Intime India pvt limited is based on the registar you can check on your desired stock website. We have already provided the login procedures for different websites from BSC to LInk Intime below. You can check out those links and login processes to quickly access the Ideaforge IPO Allotment Status.

How to check the Ideaforge IPO allotment status at BSE

People who want to check out the Ideaforge IPO Allotment status at BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) can follow these steps

Step 1

Login into the BSE website using your Credentials you can use this link to visit the BSE Website

Step 2

Now after logging into your account. Go to the main menu and select the IPO name “Ideaforge” and click on it. 

Step 3

Now after clicking on Ideaforge, you have to select the option for your PAN number, Application Number. 

Step 4

After selecting the option add your PAN Number and application number on the page and click on submit.

Step 5

You are all done, now you will be able to see the Ideaforge IPO Allotment Status on your mobile or desktop screen. 

Ideaforge IPO Allotment Status

How to check the Ideaforge IPO allotment status through Demat Account 

People who want to check the Ideaforge IPO Allotment status on their Demat account can follow these steps 

Step 1: First and foremost log in to your demat account 

Step 2: Now go to your share account and check if the stock is credited to your Demat Account or not 

Step 3: If you got the Ideaforge Allotmnet then the Ideaforge shares will be in your Demat account 

How to check the Ideaforge IPO allotment status directly from the Link Intime 

People who want to check the Ideaforge IPO Allotment status directly from the registrar Link Intime can follow these steps 

Step 1: Investors should first log into their Link Intime account 

Step 2: Now in the Comapnu Ipo section they have to choose Ideaforge Technology IPO and Click on it

Step 3: Now after clicking on Ideaforge,l a popup bar appears on your screen and asks for your Pan card details now enter your pan card details on the page and Click on search 

If you got the Ideaforge IPO allotment then your shares will appear on your screen and also if not is also appear on the screen 

How to check the Ideaforge IPO allotment status through Bank Account 

People who want to check the Ideaforge IPO Allotment status through their Bank Account can follow these steps 

Step 1: Log in to your Bank Account make sure you are using teh same bank account that o used to apply for the Ideaforge IPO 

Step 2: Now go to the Balcne tab of your bank account. If you received the Ideafore allotment then the money in your bank account will be debited. If you didn’t get the Ideaforge allotment then your amount won’t be deducted 

Also, there is a simple Automatic process in which you can know if you got the Ideaforge allotment or not. Which is the bank message if you received the allotment you will relieve a message like “Dear Customer, Bank Name Account Number xxxxx is debited for rupees xxxxx on Date. Info: IPOName and the available balance is INR xxxxxx


1. Is IPO Allotment Based On Luck?

Yeah, but it is totally not based on luck. if a company’s IPO is oversubscribed then the company uses a random investor pick system for the IPO allotment. If the company IPO is not oversubscribed then the IPO allotment is done to all the Investors.  

2. When Can I See My IPO Allotment Status?

The investors can confirm the IPO Allotment status by visiting the website of the registrar after the allotment is done. In the case of the idea forge the registrar is Link Intime India Pvt Limited

3. What Does IPO Allotment Status Mean?

The IPO Allotment Status gives the investors of the company, the number of shares they have allowed to them in the company IPO.

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