Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date (2nd September) | ISRO Solar Mission Objectives | Time | Budget | Details

Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date: The first-ever mission, called Solar Observation Mission or Aditya L1 Mission, was launched on 2nd September. After the landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the south pole of the moon, ISRO has got a distinct recognition.

ISRO is now getting ready for the new space adventure. Solar activities tend to have an effect on weather, climatic conditions, earth, etc. Those who are quite keen to understand details about space missions would like to know about Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date which was 2nd September.

Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date

After Chandrayaan 3, the confidence of the ISRO scientists has increased. Now, ISRO scientists are ready for the Solar mission wherein they will launch a solar observatory. Those who are quite curious to know about the Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date must know that it will take off on 2 September 2023. Aditya L1 will launch from Satish Dhawan Space Centre.

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Even though ISRO has announced the date, they have not yet announced the specified time when the launch will begin. In this article, we will give you an exact idea about the Aditya L1 Launch objective, vehicle and cost.

Know Details about Aditya L1 Mission 

ISRO had sanctioned a budget of 368 crores for the Aditya L1 Mission. But, as of now, the exact cost of the mission is not known. But we can estimate that the cost might be somewhere around that figure.

The mission was launched on 2 September from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. As of now, the spacecraft is at the base of that place. On 2 September 2023, it will start its journey. The spacecraft that has been specifically designed for the Aditya L1 Mission is PSLV-XL. This spacecraft was developed in Bengaluru. 

There are so many details that the space enthusiasts will have to remember. To make these details precise and easy to understand, here’s a table that will be useful for you.

Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date2nd September, 2023
Aditya L1 vehiclePSLV XL
When will Aditya L1 reach the L1 spotWithin a four months span
What is the span of the mission5.2 years
Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date
Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date

What Will Aditya L1 Mission Study?

Aditya L1 Mission study will involve the study of the photosphere, chromosphere and even the outer layer of the sun. The L1 will have electromagnetic, magnetic and particle detectors. These will give a detailed outlook about how the propagation of fields and particles happens. 

It is important to have an idea about where Aditya L1 will be positioned to get information about solar activities. Also, the study will involve the problems of solar coronal heating, solar flare-ups, etc. 

Where will Aditya L1 be positioned?

As per the reports available from ISRO Aditya L1 will be positioned in a halo orbit around L1. This idea of positioning will help you to understand where this spacecraft will be kept and what kind of study it will come up with.

Everyone is waiting for Aditya’s L1 historic launch, and people want to know about the details of the sun and solar activities in a better way. As the spacecraft launches, it will take approximately four months to reach the L1 point. L1 is the gravitational sweet spot between the sun and the earth. There are 7 payloads in that spacecraft. The mission span is approximately 5 years. 

It is important to note that this spacecraft will not travel to the sun. Even though it’s a solar project, it will have a specific place from where it can observe and study the sun. Look at the table given below and get to know a few more things about the sun’s mission in space.

Number of Payloads Aditya L1 will carry7 payloads
Aditya L1 approximate budget368 crores approximately
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Aditya L1 Study Objectives

There are many problems that the sun would have. These include the following:

  • Coronal mass ejection
  • Coronal heating
  • Pre-flare activities
  • Solar-flare activities
  • Dynamics of space weather

The ISRO scientists are keen to know about these issues. With Aditya L1’s launch and study, these objectives will be achieved. Those who only knew about the Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date now also know about many other details about the vehicle and the mission. So, let’s wait and watch for 2 September 2023, when the mission will start. 

The mission span is around 5.2 years. But the initial date that you must remember is that the spacecraft will take four months to reach the L1 level, and this is ISRO’s first motive.

To know more information about this mission and Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date, space enthusiasts can check the official web portal of ISRO. It is

Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date


Where will Aditya L1 launch within four months?

The Aditya L1 will launch 1.5 million KMS from the Earth at the L1 point, which is also called the sweet gravitational spot between Earth and the sun. 

Where is the Aditya L1 spacecraft created?

The Aditya L1 spacecraft was created at U R Rao Satellite Centre Bengaluru. Now, it has reached Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh and is waiting for the launch. 

What is Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date?

The Aditya L1 Mission Launch Date is 2nd September 2023.

How many payloads will Aditya L1 carry?

Aditya L1 will carry 7 payloads, which will help in various studies relating to the solar flares.

Will Aditya L1 spacecraft land on the sun?

Space enthusiasts should know that Aditya L1 will start its journey to space soon. But in no way will it ever land on the sun. The observatory will be launched at a specific distance from where the study will be carried out about the sun in real-time. This is going to be the first space-based Indian mission that will study solar activities and the sun.

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