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WaterAid India develops a wide range of publications including technical reports, policy briefs, operations research, qualitative evaluations, good practice documents, and IEC materials. Available here are these publications for your reading and review.


Policy Note: District-wide approach

Policy brief on WaterAid India’s work under district-wide approach


Evaluating the effectiveness of public finance for household sanitation in the state of Bihar, India

A study to evaluate the effectiveness of public financing for sustainable household sanitation in the rural areas of the state of Bihar (India). This study is part of a broader research initiative that includes case studies of urban sanitation in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and rural sanitation in Thailand.


Communal Toilets in Urban Poverty Pockets

An exploratory carried out in seven poverty pockets in Bhopal, India to look at patterns of use of communal latrine facilities in areas where household sanitation options are limited and open defecation is still practised.


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Climate change and resilient WASH services in South Asia

VANITA SUNEJA With a large population living in poverty and fragile topography, South Asia region is going to be the most affected by climate change. In 2018, Lancet’s countdown on health and climate change estimated that the number of people exposed to heat waves in India increased by 40 million in five years from 2012 to 2016. In past few years, western India, southern and central Pakistan and north-western region of Bangladesh have faced frequent droughts. Severe heat waves and prolonged droughts diminish the quality and availability of water, whether it is surface water or groundwater. Water stress makes women...

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