Training on water security

WaterAid India

WaterAid regional office in Bhopal organised four-days training on “perspective building on geo hydrology for water security” from February 8. The training was facilitated by Arid Communities and Technology (ACT) Institute in Bhuj, Gujrat. Twenty-six people from nine partners of WaterAid India participated and developed an understanding of geo hydrology and its importance for water security programming. The training consisted of theoretical sessions and practical exercises to understand how to identify aquifers, how to measure water level, relation between rock structure types and aquifers, and how to develop a water security plan. During the training, participants also visited a village where they learned how to study groundwater well inventory and how geological features can be linked with water availability. In classroom sessions participants learnt how to draw various maps like land-use map, geology map, water resource map, watershed map which are needed for water security planning.

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