Sanitation park in Rajnandgaon offers technological options for household toilets in rural areas

WaterAid India in partnership with Lokshakti Samajsevi Sanstha (LSS) has set up a sanitation park in Rajnandgoan district of Chhattisgarh.

The toilets at display in the sanitation park. Photo: WaterAid India

The park which is housed in the training centre of LSS demonstrates four kinds of toilets; a standard twin leach pit toilet; twin leach pit toilet for space crunch areas, a bio-toilet and an EcoSan toilet suitable for high water table or hard rock areas. A large number of people are visiting the park and getting insights into what it takes to construct a toilet, various toilet models and approximate cost.

People visiting the sanitation park at Rajnandgaon. Photo: WaterAid India

The park is a one stop location for government officials, panchayati raj institutions and villagers to get information about various technological options for toilet construction and use.


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