Global Handwashing Day 2017: WaterAid India at BIG FM

WaterAid/Chanchal Kumar

For this year’s Global Handwashing Day 2017, WaterAid India partnered with BIG FM 92.7 to create awareness on handwashing across six locations: Delhi, Kanpur, Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal and Bhubaneshwar.

Our School WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) Champions interacted with Radio Jockeys (RJ) and sang the handwashing song that they practice in school, while experts from WaterAid India spoke about the importance of handwashing across the following FM radio stations.

Delhi Big FM

RJ Yogi interacted with Mamata Dash from WaterAid India and our WASH Champions.

Kanpur, Patna and Ranchi Big FM

RJ Sid was with Farrukh Khan from WaterAid, Seema Pandey from WAI partner Shramik Bharti, and School WASH Champions. RJ Sid made a small video of the song recording in the studios and posted it on his Facebook page.

Bhopal Big FM

RJ Anadi interacted with Chanchal Kumar from WaterAid and our WASH Champions. Here’s a glimpse of their fun-filled day:

Bhubaneswar Big FM

RJ Guru interacted with Bishakha Bhanja from WaterAid, while our WASH Champions sang the handwashing song in Oriya.


The radio shows were aired during the Global Handwashing Week (9-15 Oct 2017), and it helped initiate a conversation with the larger audience on the importance of handwashing, and how young children are working dedicatedly in passing on the message!

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