Building capacity for urban water supply system and issues

WaterAid India regional office in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh conducted a two-day training  on “Developing understanding and internal capacity to support and influence urban local bodies with community led interventions over urban water supply system and issues” for its regional partners and team. The training was attended by 10 partners from the two states. The training was important to build internal capacity of partners who will be engaging on urban issues with WaterAid India planning to intervene in urban areas of five districts next year.

The training began with mapping existing issues and gaps in water accessibility and availability for marginalised communities in their areas.  It was followed by sessions on understanding the different water supply mechanisms, extraction and distribution of underground and surface water in different categories of towns. Emphasis was given to understanding distribution lines of surface water and how leakages and non-revenue water is becoming a major challenge. Other issues discussed included operation and maintenance, water quality and a demo was conducted on water testing with desirable limits explained for metals and other minerals.

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