Accessibility Audit of inclusive WASH facilities

In Narsapur constituency of Medak district in Telangana, an audit on the accessibility of toilets for WASH facilities at the household level and institutions was conducted. The objective of the study was to identify the gaps and influence government in making WASH programmes more accessible, inclusive and user-friendly, especially benefit people with special needs. A total of 86 persons with disability (PWD) respondents were interviewed in ten Gram Panchayats, and 12 in each category of Anganwadis and Schools. Focus Group Discussions and in-depth interviews were held.

The key findings of this study were: Among the respondents, 99% did not have inclusive toilets at the household level. Most of them (91%) had normal toilets at home; construction was in progress for 3% of them and the rest 6% did not have any toilets. With respect to institutions, out of 12 schools, 3 schools had PWD toilets for children and not a single Anganwadi had accessible to PWD toilets.

The study has proved to be an eye-opener for the situation of toilets for the persons with disability. Efforts will now begin to make inclusive toilets at the household level.

In Nuapada district of Odisha, a baseline survey was conducted that revealed that there is not a single inclusive toilet constructed lately. Considering the need, 22 toilets have been improved to make them inclusive in some of the most vulnerable households. Some of the existing toilets were improved with a commode pan, grab bar inside the toilet and ramp at the doorstep wherever necessary. This has influenced the district administration as well as Panchayati Raj Institution members to replicate the same across the district.

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