Join us at Simhastha Kumbh 2016

WaterAid/Prashanth Vishwanathan

The Simhastha Kumbh Mela is a religious gathering taking place on the banks of the river Kshipra in the city of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh from 22 April to 21 May 2016. Over 50,000,000 people are expected to attend the Mela in Ujjain over the month.

WaterAid India has partnered with the Ujjain Municipal Corporation to ensure the Simhastha Kumbh is a WASH success.

We have set up set up a bio-digester toilet technology at the community toilet in the Dani Gate area in Ujjain. Thirteen balloons, which will be lit up in the night, have been floated near the toilet complexes to guide people to the nearest toilets. We have also set up one stall, canopies and display walls at 13 entry points to the mela area to spread information on various aspects of WASH and the work done by WaterAid India. A street theatre group will also perform short interactive skits at the different mela sites over the period of the Simhastha to engage and inform visiting pilgrims on issues of sanitation, hygiene and the link between WASH and health.

We have set up a ‘Loo with a View’ toilet. The toilet has a one-way mirror on the door through which the person inside using the toilet can see outside – while to those outside, the door is simply a mirror. The toilet, we hope, will provide a small sense of what life is like for the 2.5 billion people across the world without a safe and private toilet.

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