Right to sanitation

Ending the sanitation crisis is one of the most important developmental challenges in South Asia. India is the global capital for people practicing open defecation. Rural sanitation coverage is still around 30% (Census 2011) and the budget allocation is hardly 0.2% of our GDP. Persons with disability, women, girls and socially excluded communities are the worst sufferers of this neglect. We need to take urgent actions and spread awareness to recognize the Right to Sanitation as a fundamental constitutional right for all citizens.

The Right to Sanitation campaign was launched in South Asia with a chapter in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Key objectives of the campaign are:

  • Right to Sanitation is constitutionally embedded as a legally enforceable right for the people of India;
  • Government of India, all states and Union Territories have adequate budget to be able to target the poor and excluded and the allocated resources are effectively utilised for sustainable sanitation services; and
  • Disposal and management of human waste is in strict conformity with the principles of protecting human rights, health and environmental sustainability

The campaign is spread over 16 states with more than 150 organizations and individuals as members across India.


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