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WaterAid/ Dieter Telemans

  • What is water quality and what is the quality of water available in India?

    India is home to one of the world’s highest number of people who lack access to clean water, imposing a huge financial burden for some of the country’s poorest population. Over 60,000 children below the age of five lose their lives to diarrhoea caused due to unsafe water and poor sanitation read more…

  • What is water conservation and what can I do about it?

    In India, Groundwater provides 80% of India’s drinking water and nearly two-thirds of irrigation needs1. While rainfall is considered to be one of the primary sources of fresh water, it is not conserved in an appropriate manner, leading to scarcity of water across the country. Studies show that the water situation could be different if rainwater is harvested in an appropriate way read more…