How my piece on Youth Ki Awaaz got my workplace to make washrooms more accessible

WaterAid/Adam Ferguson

Writing about your most intimate experiences is not an easy thing, and takes some guts. But if it helps people change the way they think, I believe it is totally worth it. With this belief, on World Disability Day (December 3, 2016), I wrote on Youth Ki Awaaz about how tough it is for a girl like me – ambitious, driven, career-focused, someone who lives life to the fullest – to perform the basic task of going to the toilet, just because I use a wheelchair. Yes, toilets in our country are not built keeping us – over 54 lakh citizens with a mobility impairment – in mind, and it affects our whole lives.

However, my HR made sure that all this was sorted out and every hour the washrooms were cleaned every hour. They also did something that really touched me – they placed hand dryers in the washroom so that I could keep my hands dry even in this winter and keep myself warm. I think it is a great effort and I really appreciate what my organisation is doing for me. Read more


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