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How my piece on YKA got my workplace to make washrooms more accessible

Access to toilets is a major concern in our country. What is worse is that over 54 lakh citizens with mobility impairment are almost ignored when it comes to access to toilets. The poor accessibility to toilets affects their health, work life, and lifestyle. On World Disability Day 2016, Jolly Mohan, an independent and dynamic... Read more

A member of the housekeeping staff shares how “educated people” behave

Radhamma, a middle-aged housekeeping staff feels appalled at the way in which educated people behave. During an interaction, she shared that even though people have all the money and education, they have some awful toilet habits. It is unfortunate how insensitive these people are towards others, especially the ones who have to clean all the... Read more

Water security planning brooks no more delays

With the onset of summer, the usual problem of water scarcity has started haunting the people of Odisha yet again. From the beginning of the summer season every year, despite the huge investments, the lapses in the service delivery system comes to the forefront due to severe water scarcity. And then, provisioning of water through... Read more

Joining the dots of water wisdom at FSM4 in Chennai

Aiming to share and brainstorm potential solutions, formulate policy recommendations that promote best practices, and identify lessons learned in how to make Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) an integral part of sanitation service delivery, around 1,500 participants convened for the fourth International Faecal Sludge Management Conference (FSM4) in Chennai, India in February 2017. FSM4 was an... Read more

A 10-year-old reveals the disgusting condition of Delhi’s night shelters

The night shelters in Delhi cater to many more people than its capacity. In such pathetic conditions, hygiene and sanitation merely exist, animals and humans share the same drinking water source, while toilets are the hub for all sorts of infections and diseases. Having a safe and clean place to stay is a far-fetched dream... Read more

Proper sanitation and care – Must for every new mom

“With 167 maternal deaths per 1,00,000 live births and 28 newborn deaths per 1,000 live births, India has one of the highest rates of maternal and neonatal mortality in the world. One in five newborn deaths could be prevented by ensuring access to clean water and by providing a clean birthing environment.” The state of... Read more

Standing up for the Ganga – Adventure for a purpose

For most of my life, I harbored a deep suspicion of non-profits or ‘chanda collectors’- especially the kinds who used to knock on our door with a book of receipts and claimed to be collecting ‘chanda’ (contribution) for one cause or the other. My suspicion stemmed from not knowing what exactly these funds were for,... Read more

What do we mean by ‘improving sanitation’?

Good sanitation in communities has a lot of benefits like better health, better economy, and physical safety for women. But looking at toilets in history, “improving sanitation” has come to mean a lot more than just preventing the spread of disease. When we talk about sanitation, we are talking about a whole complex network of... Read more