A 10-year-old reveals the disgusting condition of Delhi’s night shelters

In one of the rain baseras (night shelters) I visited with my father and his colleagues at midnight on 19th January 2017, I got to see a newspaper called Balaknama and to meet one of its reporters. The newspaper is mainly based on the lives of street children and looks into matters of police brutality, child labour and sexual abuse. The newspaper is the world’s first to be run by street children and has over ten thousand children working for it all across India. I also observed that there were more people crammed in the tents and shelters than their capacities. In a tent in which hardly 10 people could sleep, there were 25 people already registered for the night. In a permanent shelter, the conditions were even worse. 180 people were sleeping in one room, which was far more than the total capacity. Also, the urinal, which was dirty and had not been cleaned, had a nasty smell, and there was only one common bath and proper toilet for the 180 people in the building. Read more

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