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A 10-year-old reveals the disgusting condition of Delhi’s night shelters

In one of the rain baseras (night shelters) I visited with my father and his colleagues at midnight on 19th January 2017, I got to see a newspaper called Balaknama and to meet one of its reporters. The newspaper is mainly based on the lives of street children and looks into matters of police brutality,... Read more

Proper sanitation and care – Must for every new mom

I count myself lucky that during both my deliveries I was pampered by hospital staff in a hygienic environment. I never faced any issues related to sanitation or hygiene that you expect, especially post delivering your child. That time the body is more vulnerable to any kind of infection and contagious diseases. However, on the... Read more

Standing up for the Ganga – Adventure for a purpose

For most of my life, I harbored a deep suspicion of non-profits or ‘chanda collectors’- especially the kinds who used to knock on our door with a book of receipts and claimed to be collecting ‘chanda’ (contribution) for one cause or the other. My suspicion stemmed from not knowing what exactly these funds were for,... Read more

What do we mean by ‘improving sanitation’?

Good sanitation in communities has a lot of benefits like better health, better economy, and physical safety for women. But looking at toilets in history, “improving sanitation” has come to mean a lot more than just preventing the spread of disease. When we talk about sanitation, we are talking about a whole complex network of... Read more

How “educated people” behave

So I walked into the washroom at work, that day. Radhamma, a middle-aged housekeeping staff, looked tensed and ready to breakdown. She kept mumbling something under her breath, I could not hear what she said. She was sweeping the floor and I had to comb my hair and I hesitated to do so since the floor... Read more

From sexual predators to leopard attacks: Why Uttarakhand’s women are demanding toilets

For the last two years, 56-year-old Kamla Devi of Batoli village, Rudraprayag district, heads every morning for the forest to fetch oak leaves for her cows, with a sickle in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. One day, no sooner than she had squatted at what she thought was a safe... Read more

‘I’ve seen a dead child in the same hospital bed as a living child as there’s no space’

“I have seen filthy toilets, no water, shabby buildings practically falling apart, cobwebs, lab equipment and drugs strewn about [in India’s primary health centres],” shares Dr. Vandana Prasad, national convener for the Public Health Resource Network (PHRN), a voluntary network of public health practitioners striving to promote ‘Health for All’. Over two decades of experience... Read more

Community in action to solve water crisis

Dunguripada, a small village in Saipala Gram Panchayat of Nuapada district of Odisha, had only one tube-well fitted with hand-pump as the primary water source for drinking and other domestic purposes. The community was under the impression that tube-well water is safe for consumption. In 2013, WaterAid India along with local partner Regional Centre for... Read more